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Drowning Studios

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This game was actually hilarious. Simple concept but very well written and executed!

Loved the aesthetics! Convincing sense of depth and really cool transitions between levels/times of day. Did find that the second area was the most difficult, because by the time I spotted enemy planes I couldn't lock on before they had already sped past. Otherwise great work! 

Oops, it's updated. Thanks for the heads up!

Here's our game:

Here's our game!

Thank you for sharing the videos with us!
We'll look into patching up these issues. 

No worries, we actually recognize that bug and are currently working to fix it. 
Thanks for letting us know!

Hi! Big thanks for playing our game. 

It would be awesome if you can let us know what bugs you've encountered so we can look them over.
Giving us those videos so we can see exactly what happened will be very helpful.

Thanks so much!