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I'm lucky to have been able to claim the trilogy on here for free, after learning that the steam version is on a more recent version than this one and more than likely wouldn't get updated due to the fact this is probably just a person reuploading the game with a price tag I'm very ticked.

Do not buy the game from here, please get it from the official steam page as it's back up and you can for sure support the developer. If this is the actual developer and i see the build being updated then i'll take back this comment but for now don't buy it from here or any other games in the trilogy.

Official Link To Real Granny:

I don't feel alone in these hallways.

I smiled too, this has to be one of the best endings in the game.

You are welcome Morshu. Enjoy the rupees/rubies.

The song can and will end, the level won't.

You cannot beat Matchbox Unwell. It's endless

Got that St. Paddy's Day rare easter egg on my 7th try. Nabbing him was rather hard but it's good to know I'll easily be seeing new easter eggs in the future.

Definitely worth the buy! I'm in the discord and now I'm constantly hooked on making levels and playing them too! Waiting for that Rhythm Doctor is out announcement!