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send me that file , but I’m not sure I can do anything because it looks like its a bug related to your machine


Uploaded Windows version , let me know if everything is ok 

I’ll do it on Tuesday 

Uploaded new version fixing some bugs:
- behind the building at start
- stuck after hitting the ground
- parachutes stuck at building corners

I will do in a few days

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there is a Windows version on steam, please get it there

in the future, not for now

thanks! Unfortunately I can’t keep up with everything. I’m the only dev of this game and I have automated the beta build process which uploads automatically to google drive, I can’t do the same for itch io :-(

Updated the name of the game to AsterAVOIDS because , we found there is already a game with the previos name and because the new one is ten thousand times more ingenious and appropriate LOL

please feel free to post your comments with feedback about the game: good things, bad things, fun things, boring things, difficulty level, bugs! ANYTHING you can tell me will help , thanks! :D

Dr. Kucho!