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Very great artwork, i don't know, how it is even possible to make great pixel-Art and you guys make a perfect Background. Adding to that, all the Levels are looking great and the Music is just perfect for this Game.  Great puzzle and a big variety of levels for a jam Game. But for me, the Jump felt a bit strange. It felt a little bit to fast and to short. But in conclusion a very great and interresting Jam Game. Keep making great games like that!

Thanks for the Comment. I will keep these Issues in mind for the next game Jam, I and i will not stop making 3D Games xD. So many people do 2D Stuff, but 3D isn't as hard.

Thank you for reporting the bugs.

Thanks for the comment. I will keep It in my mind to make my Games harder and more interresting. And I pur the Camera there, because I haven't wanted to make a turning Animation. But I Get your Point and I will remember it in the next Game-Jam. Thank You.  

There was a Part with multiple stacked moving Plattforms if I remember correctly. I couldn't Get back up, After I fell once. 

Very great music, art and animations. Everything worked correctly and it was fun to play. But i coudn't pass the 3rd level :(.

Thanks for the Ideas, i will keep them in my mind for the next Game Jam. 

Thank you. I will keep that in Mind in the next Game Jams. 

I will rate your Submission  soone of course. 

Thanks. I only had like 3 days to complete the game. So thank you to say, what I could improve the next time

I think, you made a game with really great graphics, an interresting idea and cool music. But the camera seems to be very slow, what only allows you to go slow. But overall a very great game. 

Thank you


Thank you.