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Thank you It was a great way to start of the spooky season. 

Great game. The second part really got me. It was a great way to start off the spooky month.  

This game is AMAZING!! I loved it. The design and story of the game sucked me in.

I love this game. It was so different to other VR games I have played. I would love to see a longer game with vibe 

I can't wait for the full game. I love the way the memories look and the art style of this game. 

I Love this game. It's so weird and cool. I even get jump scared once. 

part of me is like NOOOO but another part is like BRING IT ON

I really love this game. It was hard and fun to play. I love the idea of this game.

This game is so fun. I didn't make it very far because I got way out numbered.