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Heads up, broken in Chrome on Android.

But Firefox works fine.

Filters, possibility to save the image, comments, all would be strong additions to this. Great work!

I like what is here: the concept seems sound, the screenshake gives a feeling of satisfaction, I like the cute/horror art, and the music is properly unsettling.

I loved trying to find what ridiculous hashtags would pop upI sort of wish there was a little more to do with the photos or the posts, but that is, like a third of a wish because I also just want to click more.

This art turned out so well! And that menu bork is best!

The idea is adorable, and the presentation is there, unfortunately the game is still a little buggy. I couldn't figure out how the left doggo was supposed to move up, and apparently "Q" makes him go left instead of the expected "A". The sprites  of the different states didn't stay consistent either, I'd stop getting points for reasons I didn't know about. When I had remembered about the bladder value, I'd move back to the water dish  and then I'd see the "thirsty" state animation show up.

Right off the bat, really good use of risk-reward mechanics built into the system itself which makes each choice something to think about and inherently interesting. That said, without some sort of means to know what controls would be what, I was left flailing for a while. 
Good job!

Hey, I'm not finding a Windows executable in the zip. If you're able to re-upload with a Windows build give me a poke and I'll give this a go!

I had no idea this was a survival game until I accidentally won? It was strange, I felt the actual main game area was not properly designed, though it may have been from a bug. In the tutorial and end game areas the jump was much much higher than in the main level, which made me frustrated. Some bugs worked to player advantage in sort of unexpected and fun ways, such as the crate spawning on player origin causing the player to rocket forward. It made for ridiculous getaways.
That bass tho.

Okay, this is very cute; I like the art style here. The gameplay, though, is rather confusing. My score seems to go up when I collide with anything that spawns, and I'm not sure what I should be shooting at. I wish there was some sound to go with the cute presentation!

This turned out as hard as that first little playtest I did! I made it to level 8, but after about 4-5 minutes I had to stop. That level was just frustrating as a player has no natural means of tracking both electrons at once, and with the levels so different, it was very easy to end up colliding with a wall or proton without seeing it and just getting naturally frustrated with that.
Its great you were able to explore so many little variants on the mechanics, however. I do wish there were more levels using things such as the arrows and the reversal gates. (I also wish there was some sort of representation that you are in a different state when controls are reversed as, at first, I wasn't sure that it had done anything).
Also, my eyes would rarely train over to where the ohm measurement was for a level, as I would want to look at the level and start immediately think about what I would need to do to go through it. Perhaps a more integrated way of adding the resistance into the level geometry?

Anyway, thanks for making this!