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Nice idea, the game is definitely visually pleasing and had a very nice parallax effect. And well done with the randomization as well, I've tried doing randomly generated games in the past and they are not always easy to get working properly.

Thank you! My last game jam I was unable to complete my game and it really did not come out the way I had originally planned it. That's why I wanted to go for a more simple concept, this allowed me to definitely make it more "complete". Glad you liked it.

Thanks so much, I really enjoyed making this one and loved the idea. I would like to continue to work on it in the future and I will definitely work on the guidance/feedback.

Music was definitely my biggest downfall for this game. I attempted a few ideas in BoscaCeoil but wasn't able to make anything "good enough". I completely agree that this would make the game more engaging, definitely something I would like to improve on.

I'm glad you enjoyed this I would love to make this into a mobile game. I really think I'm going to continue development with this concept and see what else I can do. Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you so much, I definitely need some work on the path drawing but glad you enjoyed it!

Glad you enjoyed it! 

Thank you so much!

You're too kind about my pizza sun lol glad you enjoyed it

Glad you enjoyed it!

I played a lot with the spawn rate (learning math and growth graphs all over again), I agree that ships should start to spawn sooner. This solution was mainly better for adjusting the rate over longer amounts of time so the game could be played a bit longer. I am definitely going to put more time into the path line as well. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback! I 100% agree the path should be more visible, I wanted to tweak it more but I got pretty busy the second week of the jam so I wasn't able to do much more with it.

Lmao it happens.

The game looks awesome! This is a very cool idea, however, I ran into the same issue as MouthHole Games where right after completing level 3 the game would crash. Also, I am not sure if it was intended or not but when I pressed 'W' or 'S' it would essentially reverse gravity. Doing this made the first 3 levels extremely easy to complete as you would not even have to use 'C' or 'V' to turn the screen. Other than that the game seems great and I would definitely like to play more if you are able to get it fixed.

I really like the game, its simple enough to jump into and understand right away and was really fun to try and beat the clock. I love the way you did the UI on the bottom left, its very clean. The pixel art and animation is very nice as well. Unfortunately, I was unable to get past the second planet. Any time I died or got close to the timer running out the game would crash and I would need to reload the page. I also noticed that when shooting the weapons (2 and 3) the accuracy was a little off from the cursor. But overall I really enjoyed it, nice work.

I really like the pixel art and how lively the arcade felt, nicely done. I liked the time travel aspect as well, interesting use of going there and back. I was eventually able to get all 16 and it had my heart going a little bit when I realized I had to reach an exit without dying lol. It got a little difficult dodging the trucks shots once there was a lot of enemies but overall great game.