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This game was totally great! I thought it was a solid game, but I didn't come close to beating it?.. I'm not sure... ahaha, but I still gave it a go!!

Had a lot of this game! I did a video on it! xD

Definitely going to continue playing this one until I can beat it!!!

Thank you! Can't wait to give it a try!!!

The Crystal Dark community · Created a new topic Help!!!

It won't let me download the game....

Thank you so much!!!!!!!! Gonna do my best to try and find the 2nd... Gaaaaahh... lmao, great game! Can't wait for it to come out!!

Not a problem! Thank you once again for a great game! Please feel free to let me know when it is up and ready if you have the time / if you think about it. ahaha, I understand that you're busy yourself! XD

Also... I don't know if I finished it or if I died... It didn't say O3o ... so if you're reading this, may I trouble you for some help on that? Only if you have the time.

tbh, I'm just a big baby when it comes to horror games.... But I saw yours and I really wanted to try it out!

Really enjoyed the game! hope you don't mind, but I did a video on it!!! Hope to see more of the development soon!

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OMG, this game was amazing!!! Had a lot of fun with it, and hope to see it fully released as soon as possible!!!