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Let me start by saying that the sprites were very well animated. The movement on the main character (Who I'm assuming is Louise) for her dress and hair were really smooth although a bit slow looking. Th game play was alright. the controls felt rather heavy and sluggish which is why I mainly used the dash for movement. I encountered this one glitch with the big blue fire-breathing monster where if you take damage mid air it lock you in place when you land. 

Another thing I noticed is that the background and the ground itself looked identical to the opening level in shovel knight with the exclusion of the tower in the background. That's more of a minor thing for me but it's something that caught my eye.

All in all this game could be a really enjoyable platformer. I suggest making the character a little bit faster as well as the attack. maybe add a three hit combo animation. That's about all I can think to say about it. 

This game was wonderful. It made me feel like I was playing Metroid fusion again.

The difficulty did jump from time to time (Specifically with those big brownish-orange aliens) but it never felt to unfair. My favorite part was fighting Angel. His(?) fight was so fine tuned to the players abilities. Keep up the great work!