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If Someone isn't On the List. You Still Look over the Paperwork to check if Everything is Correct. Then Call their apartment to Check if there Home. If they're home Call DDD. If they're not Home. Let them in if Everything Checks out.

Aye. That owl Was about to make me do some unspeakable Things....... I'm Sorry 

I was scared at every moment of this game. I loved the multiple endings. The bleeding out threw in a twist to the game I really enjoyed as well. This was a Great game and as always Can't wait for more.

I loved this game! super scary. I never felt safe in the house. The only thing I felt was off was the atmosphere. It was a bit too quiet in the house except for the dining room and a few creaks of the floorboards. I love when environments scare me as much as the CRAZED killer chasing me around the house.

Great Game! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time.  I did run into a Bug stopping me from continuing the game. BUT after getting a hold of The Dev. He fixed the problem SUPER quickly. I APPRECIATE the effort and the Fix. 

So I just ran into the same issue during my recording once you entered the backroom for the first time. The very last box you have to crouch under, to get the bolt cutters. No matter what,  it seems like there is an invisible wall blocking me from crouch walking. I was able to Pass the first 3 with no problem. It's just that the last box was the problem. I reset the game 3 times. I deleted the game and reinstalled it and the Issue still persisted.  

I hope this helps and hopefully I'll be able to finish the game. 

Thanks DrewTheDude

Awesome Update! I had to backtrack a bit in order to make sense of the update. I love it!! I can't wait for more LORE to come out! 

I found myself talking a lot through this one, just because of how creepy it was. I might have been talking way toooo much because the scares got me. I also found the red light green light gameplay interesting.

Oh man, I loved this Game! I wish it was longer just because I'm in loved with lore! The fact that you can hear snipping and footsteps slowly getting faster and faster is so anxiety-inducing. I hope there is another chapter or even another game you are working on soon. Great job and can't wait to see more.

I wish this was LONGER !!! but short and sweet. I'm not the biggest fan of time loop Horror but you hit the sweet spot on it. Not too scary every loop and it gave us more info each time. Great Play. 616 Games strikes again! 

I am thoroughly enjoying 616 games lately! Great game but I found myself standing around doing nothing for a little too long. The scares definitely got me. That damn elevator still needs fixing. Can't wait to try out another game.

What a Cool concept! I loved that we could actually enter the paintings and speak to Francisco Goya's Creations. I wish it was longer but very good short and sweet indie horror game you got here. Students you did GREAT!

OK. My skin was crawling through the entire playthrough. Knowing that the snipper was just constantly lurking was terrifying. The sound of his scissors was SO anxiety-inducing that I started freaking out before I even saw the killer. Great job on the ambiance. You really nailed it. I want to see a continuation of this game for sure. It has SO much potential.

What a Great play. The game definitely gives me a IT/ ALT universe vibe. The Puzzles will make you think! which is good. Thank you for bringing this Monstrosity of a thing to life (Primary Color Man). I suggest everyone give this a try.


What a Wonderful Experience! I had a ton of fun reading all the dialogs. I definitely felt like I was getting Stalked the entire game. The atmosphere constantly gave me Goosebumps


I can't believe how friendly this game looks but how aggressive the Monster?? Puppet?? or Muppets? are. It's the perfect combination of horror and funny. I can't wait until the full release. 

I loved the feel of the game and the puzzles. It's truly unique what you have developed here. I can only hope that this is not the last time we see this.

I felt uncomfortable the entire time. The questions that were being asked started to make me think what kind of job is this really. You really hit that Mandela Catalogue vibes. It was pretty tough getting all the endings but I DID!! great game and I can't wait until April 23rd. 

I absolutely can not wait until the full release of this game. Horror meets Sesame Street. How did you manage to make this SCARY! incredible job Funny as well. It gave me some Bioshock vibes.

At the start, I was lost. but after playing the game for a few more minutes. I felt the ambiance. I felt like I was being watched and stalked. I loved the conclusion of the story as well! didn't see it coming.

OFF  the Bat. Black and White Horror games give me the Creeps. I loved that throughout the whole game the Light Housekeeper has a look of regret. Definitely is a Great Game. 

Perfect Timing for this game. I just watched a short film about the Backrooms and this game comes out. I don't know if it was just me but the Walls and endless rooms and corners were so anxiety Inducing. Great job Capturing ambiance


I enjoyed this game. BUT Was highly confused about how the story connects to the Description above. I thought you went the route of a collection of games within the UNKNOWN GAME or Found Game. All in all. The game ran great and it scared the hell out of me.


I absolutely  Loved this game. The Slow burn on building the story was great! Driving through those woods was so anxiety inducing. I can't get enough of the VHS film feel as well. I ended up playing the game multiple times to find all the endings. Lets not forget that this is based on a True Story which makes it even more scarier!! I  definitely Recommend this to Anyone that enjoys indie horror games. Great job. I can't wait until the next one.

Mrs.Gallagher has some serious problems! I liked the puzzles. I felt so uneasy roaming around the house because I thought she was going to be around every corner. That's how paranoid I was during this game. I can't wait to see more from you. Great job! 

I can't wait until the full release!!! The puzzles were good and challenging. The ambiance is perfect. This game makes my skin crawl! I can't wait to see more! 

I actually Hope you Continue on this idea. I love the PSX style and the  Nun Massacre Vibes were Nailed. I thoroughly enjoyed this game. I was constantly worrying about the killer finding in rooms I had to spend more than 2 secs in. The constant footsteps that you subtly hear through out the game is so nerve racking . I would of appreciated more of a story to follow but game play was great none the less. Can't wait to see more from you. 

I enjoyed playing this game. What a Story and ending. The Gameplay was smooth as can be and lets not forget about the Fear inducing environment and Mrs.Gallagher. I thought she was going to be prowling at every corner. Can't wait until I catch your next project.


OMG, This was such a Great game to welcome me back to the Indie Horror Space. I highly suggest playing this one,  to anyone that lives for the feeling of being constantly stalked, chased and HUNTED! thanks for the great game.