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Nice game! The progression was nice but I felt a little sad there was nothing to do with my super mayo jetpack. 😅 It’d be cool if the eggs got a little backpack, bomber jacket and goggles or something when you get the jetpack(s), maybe some mayo particles to sell it :D

Didn’t work with remote play but did with Parsec and it was great fun :D

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Hehe this is great! The water physics makes it nicely manic :D I wonder if I add this as a non-Steam game I can remote play it for a proper 2 player experience…. hmmmmm 🤔

Thanks :D

The jam has begun! Let’s try and make some fun games! If you’d like to chat, you can join the Sketchmas Discord server.

Cool looking forward to trying it!

Really nice game. I love the page presentation too.

Thanks for the feedback :)

I wonder if it might have been better to have the level up be automatic with all 3 stats increasing together and UI showing the stats to keep the game running.

Hehe I used that title music in my TriJam 200/BossRushJam 2023 entries 😅 I like the idea. The controls are nice. The game seems to crash on death (at least in the web build?) I like how the enemy path finding works. The game’s a bit too hard for me 😤😅 Liked the graffiti SANTA!!! Swag wuz here 😆

Nice idea. I found the visuals a bit hard at high speed (gave me a little bit of vertigo 😅). I like how the speed ramps up though. I did find level 4 a bit too punishing on restart.

Nice idea. I feel like having a way to speed up the ball might be nice. I like the tower defence/block breaker combo.

Very polished. I liked the core gameloop. Music fit well with the visuals.

Day 6 - Fortified…. Elbow patches 😅

Day5 - Riches

Such fluffy clouds!

Hehe love it

Very nicely rendered! It looks familiar but I can’t place it 😅

Happy New Year everyone!

Day 4 - Hanging

Little Elf man hanging on for dear life!

Day 3 - Fur. Wanted to colour this but as I’m a few days behind so thought I’d just upload the sketch first.


I really like the portal effect and the tree looks nice and threatening!

Love it!


Nice one! Don’t worry about late, this is a relaxed jam, what you can do, when you can it is all that’s needed :D

Nice one! Be cool if you could animate it a bit :D


Nice one! I like the subtle hints of portal reflection on the clothes.

Swirly! :D

I feel like I need to point out I didn’t draw the face QUITE that wonky but the paper warped and this was Google’s best attempt at correcting the warp 😅 Didn’t notice it was quite so bad until the morning…

Day 2 - Arboreal

Some kind of Arboreal Elf Warrior Queen

Very cool concept!

Looks like Cthulhu’s bonsai tree! :O Very cool!

Thanks :) Yeah it’s a mixed media pad. I might have to give bamboo a try :D

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Day 1 - Portal

Not sure I get how to use watercolour pencils yet 😅

Pixel magic Stargate!😁

Looks good! 😁