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Out of sheer curiosity, is there a way I can view ALL the assets for this game? I really like the fact that you can (through console) give your character piercings and things and I'd like to do a personal set of modelling for these items onto the character model but I can't... really.. find a way to pull up any of the assets I'd need. I get if you'd rather not share this with me however, I'm simply a fan and my word really isn't worth much considering you don't know me from adam. However I would ask then if you won't share how to pull up the assets would you kindly model these things later on. After all it's capable to give the player things like the lip piercing, eyebrow piercing, etc. but they aren't modeled and I'd very much like to see our wonderful little Super-powered cough slut cough with such items at some point in the game. Also The peithos outfit on her, PEAK perfection :)

Please don't feel bad, trust me when I say you guys deserve a lot of praise for managing what you did. Not many games let alone a free ro play adult game, can manage to capture that kind of emotion especially from someone who has experienced it first hand. Sure I'm unhappy with the fact of where things are in the story right now because I want to see this all end happily but I know in the end you all will make a beautiful game. So seriously good job. You deserve much more praise than I can offer

So I finished the story so far, I hadnt yet mostly just wanting to do the halloween thing but since I had to I completed it and I gotta say. I kinda hate you right now. 

Without spoiling anything you've managed to remind me of my last relationship with the direction you're going and it honestly? Hurts like hell to see what's going on in the story. I get there's a need for it and a need to progress the story but it's honestly quite painful. That's both a compliment to your writing skills and an insult because fuck it drags up a very dark mindset for me.

To those reading this who havent played to the current story end yet PLEASE do. It's very emotional but it's something I think you need to experience.

Where do you find these potions if you do not mind me asking

I feel stupid to ask but how do you "purify" yourself to use the maiden's armor? I've not once been able to figure this one out

I wanted to ask, is the new townhall stall quest available right now in the public build, or is that in the Patreon version only