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Want some rye? 'Course ya do!

This looks sooo bad, I can't wait to see what you do with it! :)

Perfect for #Mörktober, thanks!

What a great release!

Just ran this one - players asked for an impromptu “space one shot” and their passenger ship had engine trouble and dropped them off here. 

During their short stay they managed to accidentally throw a few fights at the arena and majorly piss off the Sugar Queen by 1) carving up her home and 2) siding with a group of hungry knights who were stealing shavings off of her house…

This turned out to be just the thing for a few hours’ romp - a map with details and a handful of tables to generate content on the fly.

I guess in this case I mean splitting up the columns in your current v2.0.1 PDF each to a page so I can tell my printer to print a ‘booklet’ so when I fold it in half the pages will be in order.

Right now you have:

Page 1: [A|B]

Page 2: [C|D]

Page3: [E|F]

Page 4: {G|_}

And what I’m looking for is:

Page 1: [A]

Page2: [B]

Page 3: [C] 


Can we get a pages version of the rules so I can print them chapbook style?

The extra characters are nice bonus, thank you!

The title invokes an image of a Muppaphone following a bard with a mallet..

(1 edit)

I love the art style - how many cards are in the set?

EDIT: I see the summary says 56! :)

This is adorable, I love the visual of ‘growing’ dice!

this is very interesting - I’m going to surprise my daughter (who is an artist) with it!

This is really neat, I’m looking forward to playing this with my kids, and seeing where you take it!


I’l have to give it a go.

Some of your game files read Ugly Forg...

Title's missing an R - sounds like a good idea for a quest! ;)

The extensive backgrounds and bestiary makes this an essential Troika! purchase, even if you're not planning on playing in the sand.


Seriously though, this game is a lot of fun!

Who ate the babies?

Awesome, I've got a new comic to read! :)

That cover is to die for! XD

Looks like some tables to generate content and LOGO programs to generate locations?

Gonna have to try this one.

Also, "forwward" a few times. :)

Lovely old TV vibes here, is a lot of the text supposed to be off above/below the screen?

It looks like the download link points to this page...

Overthinking and Troika! are not compatible! ;)

An essential Troika! supplement I think.

I often like to give new characters 2-3 background choices and will include one of these as that third one.

The collected table sheets are amongst my everyday reference sheets for sure.

There is a lot of great information that I might use if I were to take the combat out of everyone's minds and place it on my table, not so rigid, almost as if it was.

Awesome - I’ll print it out and try it with the kids, thanks!

Any chance for a Print & Play version?

My kids would love this, but aren't going to play with TTS...

Love the premise of this - I'm going to print it out for my daughter to use as a drawing prompt!

Haha, my Tortex Greens shall rule the island!

Just read through this, thank you for documenting your insight behind the game, it was very entertaining!