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Liked it a lot.  I would have liked a way to reset my life other than just ramming my head against enemies, but knowing it was a 7 day game jam, I'm very impressed by how much I was sucked in and stuck with it despite not understanding what to do for large amounts of time.  The writing was superb and set up the world that let me fill in the blanks for the very simple sprites.  Always excited for what you do next.

Bitsy Game Maker community » Help · Created a new topic Variables?

Just wondering if someone can explain the Variables editor under the inventory tool.  How do I assign them and what does that even mean?  Do they correspond to items or is it something else?  There was no information under the tutorial (I assume it was from an older version of the Bitsy Editor) I am very new at this stuff so I understand if this is a bit obvious and I just don't get it.  Thanks in advance for any and all help.