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Its obviously WOW themed, Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, etc...

All I  need is auto-equip!

Interesting improvement on that wall game!

Okay, I maxxed it out... 9000 max rank!

So, I may have several VG of GB

Cute error, Lunar panels dont create light, they create (whatever it is when you trim the plant?)

Is there any eventual "end" for this? or can we just get billions or trillions

Not sure I can get beyond my current level of e2300 force and power

Done it like half a dozen times, and its generally the same thing. the tightest bit is the 320 unlock actually, as you can see in the video. Its literally 1 or 2 shots close!

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So, got one coming... Just waiting on Youtube to process it.

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is there any way to transfer saves between web and exe?

Also, a production per second underneath resources would be useful too...

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You need enough shots going up to hit the wall when you start hitting at that. Its pretty tight.

Like 3 or 4 points, I think they legit set the number JUST under the max you can get at that point.

I want to see speedruns done of this game, cause they will be hella LIT!

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Needs a "Buy Max Coins" option, for the millions of $ we get...

NVM, maxxed out every upgrade on the 5th run.

You require more levels...

consider it a feature, not a bug...

Sure, nothing like a hardcore cheater...

Wow, lvl 8, loses to a lvl 3?

NaN money is funny

literally 90% of the damage throughout the entire game

arrows are there just to up the catapult damage a bit (and cause theres not much else to spend on)

Seeds turning into tetris pieces, that have to be fully watered, yet only give one crop?

Just EWW!

If they were tetris pieces, that gave one crop for each block, still a bit awkward, but MUCH less so. Add in watering the entire crop by hitting one block, and suddenly its all upside. (on a side note, the maneuvering of the MC is a little odd, but w/e)

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Scratch that... 13 mins

I think this may be about as fast as it gets.

Click till 240, recruit, unlock catapult, get catapult

Keep clicking, buying catapults when you can, until you need to recruit.

At about 8-9 catapult, unlock alchemy.

Buy Infused, Jeweled, Molten (at this point, clicks are semi pointless)

Fill up (not max out) on catapults, get Brittle, Resonant, Enriched.

Buy Tunnel, max out catapults, unlock Arrow, max out Arrow, max out Reload, buy Elven, a few Arrow Damage, buy out all Alchemy, keep buying Resonant and Enriched.

At this point Catapults will only have 1 or 2 left to max.

Alchemy should be cleared out.

Arrows will be down to damage only.

Start getting cannons, to just add a little at the end. (they dont do much, but its the only thing to really spend much money on, and shouldnt cost much to max out either)

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Not bad, 15 mins

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Its a very tricky jump... harder than most of the ones before.

Make sure to have a few million before jumping up there!

Annoyance  fulfilled...

Add items that give small passive bonuses, and one bigger single use.

Stuck at 21 choices

Maybe make it so the crabs deliver the treasures to polishing crabs, if one is not busy? And polishing crabs stay close to the hole...

I may have reached Mana Rift level 20...

So yeah, minimalism is the way...

25 solar, 15 battery, 1 drone bay, 4 thrusters, 1 human hostage, 3 drones, and about 120 tons.

So, the calculations for the trip to the belt are WAY OFF.

Had the matter, seemed to be doing semi okay for energy, and it killed everything...

Think you need about 60-80% more matter than it registers

Any chance of just having the moving around do the mining too?

Its a real pain at the start!

6:20, invest in mana until 10/c

then damage per click, to 5 (and start ripping up tiles, till you have taken a dozen or so)

then get power to 10 or 13, and start getting attackers

start investing in mana per tile (its a nice incidental boost thats cheap)

sadly, 13 -> 25 does nothing significant for attackers, until 25

Very cute game, could use better screen move options (or at least allow WASD and arrows to move it...

Its hilarious how other materials clip through the platform later on...

Thats zero issue right now, as the game is pretty quick to play through.

Kinda wierd that we can kill our own, for money...

Cute, the game screen just blanked, and shows nothing... All I did was buy a 2nd weapon cat!

Why is it showing 1 cat equipped, when zero cats are equipped?