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Why not continue to develop the game?

Would love to see this remade just slightly as an idleish game...

Make the enemies grow slowly stronger, based on the plants planted. (and enemies drop coins too)

Have the plants drop healing items when "harvested".

Add "collection" plants.

Have it so you can upgrade plants as well, or maybe "hybridize" them, by sacrificing two seeds to create a seed that has the abilities/attributes of the other two?

Use a day/night cycle, where plants are only active during the night, and are normal plants during the day?

Resident evil meets farming sim?

Not sure if self replication is supposed to be working yet, but it doesnt seem to...

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Kinda creepy that an almost 100% hetero focused game is listed as "yuri"

lowering the cost of auto open and merge would be a huge help

did you unlock them? they are an RNG drop from crops

Wow, a limited playtime idle game thats actually enjoyable!

So, apparently getting to 6 trillion life ends the world

Can we just drill through the entire planet maybe? That would be hilarious!

Wait till you reach Deep space and beyond!

Death, is only the beginning...

So, I "killed" one of the enemies, 5 times in a row, but it still killed me... W T F ? ? ?

Runtime Error line 299 tab 1

A little too brutally difficult

So, just four sets of cards? thats a little disappointing...

I want more!

Fire, Ice, spacey stuff!

Terrifyingly accurate...

Needs a way to throw 600,000 dice all at once... to explode the internet!

I has over...

I trillion dollars!

Probably all grabbed by a key bot...

There are spider bots everywhere just sucking up all the free keys to resell (jokes on them that these link it to the account)

Its best to include a little bit of a puzzle to get the actual key

Like "Add one to every number"

Bots get an error, humans get a key...

Its best to reserve multiplayer for MUCH later... There are tons of issues that come with Multiplayer, that can and will drain resources if you arent prepared...

Though one suggestion, is to separate the game into server and client programs (much like Minecraft does)

Clicking install, in the program, should actually install the game, not just download an install file.

This is going to confuse a LOT of people, who are used to just install, and launch, from within the program itself (which is actually VERY convenient)

All it does is download an install file, not actually install the game itself!

Ok, played through the entire thing, and REALLY liking it...

Just one thing, we NEED an option to swap out monster skills (a little more customization mostly)

Or maybe upgrading monster skills (say with unused eggs?)

Perfect game! (With 163 rebels remaining!)

1920x1080 to boot!

Upper left and far right first, basic towers, use first "save" to build the tower closest to exit. Save up 50, get far left tower, the replace far right, end, and upper left tower, in that order!

Middle has a "save zone" in the end, that hits em for 80% in a small area...