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What a great game! It is a little bit short, but I loved it. No bugs, unlimited gameplay and much more. I would really like to see an update rof it tho. And if you guys liked the video, please consider subscribing. :)

This game is so fun, that I sweat from laughter during the gameplay!!! Seriously...and the music, do not let me start fanboying about that plz. Masterpiece :).

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At first this game caught my attention just because i love these types of games. So I gave it a chance. Right after I started playing, I noticed the hilarious whacky physics it has. And than it kicked in with the best music that I have ever heard in any game. It drags you in and does not want you to leave. Like ever!!! Great game. BTW if you liked the video, please subscribe :) it helps a lot! :)

This is my first time playing it: