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Aw, thanks for the nice words Lich51! The next update is going to be by the end of next month. I'm setting up a steam page so the game can have achievements and cloud save. It takes some time for Steam to review it and put the store page online. Don't be anxious! hehe

Ayyy appreciate it Ruisselait!

That's nuts! Congrats!~

wowee you're good!

Aw that sucks McIdiot, I'll take a look into it.

About going back, currently it only updates your progress when the game ends. I'll change it so it updates when you go back too. Thanks for reporting!

Unfortunately not, he only cums once per game

Thanks for reporting, Gamerforlife12! I managed to play the game on my phone, but I'll look into it! Happy Halloween to you too!

Thanks a lot for pointing it out Igneous215! Should be fixed now

The giant blue candy is the last one, if you get two of them they won't join together. After that it's just for increasing the score

Thanks for the suggestion Azurfan! I added a "Shake Container" button, hopefully it will help a little

Wowee it's Caro himself! Thanks for playing!

Unlucky, Senriku! But if you made it to the pumpkin you have seen the werewolf at his hardest. The next candy is only for the cum animation

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Thank you again for the feedback Sleepy 🐐

Hi Card1997, appreciate you taking your time to try it out!

Just so the fear of missing out doesn't get you. The werewolf cums after you make the biggest candy. Then you can keep playing until you lose. When the game is over he thanks you and asks you to keep him company for the rest of the night.

Oh no, there is no need to 😭

I updated the game, it should be way easier now!

ohh I see Sleepy! The shape looks different but the collider is a circle too, so it is misleading, I get it now. Thanks for your time again! I'll experiment a bit

Thanks a lot for the feedback Woofer, appreciate it! I made it slightly easier now

Oh nooo, sorry for the hard time hehe. Thanks for checking it out Gayyeen!

Thanks a lot SleepyButt! I'll take a look at the physics to see what I can do to make it more fair and enjoyable, for now I made them more slippery but it's probably not the only issue.

Appreciate the feedback!

Ohhh nice Dylan! I made the candies more slippery in hopes to make the game a tad easier

Oh unfortunate T_T Gonna give it a look, thanks for reporting AngelFox!

Hi AngelFox! Sometimes beasts drop a piece of meat that restores a couple SP. Leveling up will restore it to full. There are also cards that drain SP. You can unlock one of them by choosing the correct reply against the "Male Fantasy" beast

Thanks for the kind words LuckyOwl! Everything is good over here, I just haven't been giving the game the attention it needs.

I'm trying to wrap up this version to release it in march. Definitely bit off more than I could chew and got discouraged multiple times, but the game is not abadoned!

Oh damn, I hadn't realized that before! Gonna make those unskippable, ty for pointing it out!

Unlucky :/ You should be able to use the new cards. Press "V" to open the menu. Click one of the "Locked" card slots and select the new card.

so sorry about that! I was messing with discord integration when I made this update, it turned out it was not a good idea for an adult game. Gonna remove it in the next update.

I recommend playing in the browser if you can

Packed man, I feel bad T_T

Oh no, a level without trapdoor sounds like a bug

It should be endless, but if I remember correctly there is only new stuff up to floor 7, when Onis start spawning.

packedrat the goat! Still checking in from time to time

Update by the end of this month. I wanted to update last month but there are bugs everywhere rn. With another month I get some time to draw more stuff too

Hi ESPkid! It uses discord's rich presence. I didn't know it tried to open the desktop app, my bad for that, it is a bit intrusive.

I'm removing it in the next update

Hi veil! I think so! Will include android builds for future updates too

That's the first time I hear about this happening, I'll look into it

Thanks for telling me, TheFur! And sorry about it

there is no save option yet. The game is changing a lot from version to version, so you would lose your save file :/

But hopefully we will have saves soon

I'm aiming for the end of this month, packed!

Lolol that Oni was very unfair.

Thanks a lot to you too!

they are x_x It's totally unbalanced right now, but will patch the game soon.

Will also remove the intro after you click "Retry", thanks for pointing it out!

hehe if it was a post from early 2020 they won't be in this game. But this one will have two NPCs

Thanks a lot for posting the bugs you've found! And sorry about your bad time with the Oni :/

The SP counters were fixed. I will address the problems with the settings and the cards before updating it again

It's weird that you are getting Untie from Tengus, I'll look into it.
To unlock Harden you have to pick the second option "Try to touch his cock"

You're right, the Onis spawning before the Tengus is pretty bad. Will change the order later this week, so we can have a better chance versus Onis

Yep, will be updating the game by the end of this month. My bad for the lack of updates on twitter, gonna try be more active, but you can always check trello since I use it to organize the development