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packedrat the goat! Still checking in from time to time

Update by the end of this month. I wanted to update last month but there are bugs everywhere rn. With another month I get some time to draw more stuff too

Hi ESPkid! It uses discord's rich presence. I didn't know it tried to open the desktop app, my bad for that, it is a bit intrusive.

I'm removing it in the next update

Hi veil! I think so! Will include android builds for future updates too

That's the first time I hear about this happening, I'll look into it

Thanks for telling me, TheFur! And sorry about it

there is no save option yet. The game is changing a lot from version to version, so you would lose your save file :/

But hopefully we will have saves soon

I'm aiming for the end of this month, packed!

Lolol that Oni was very unfair.

Thanks a lot to you too!

they are x_x It's totally unbalanced right now, but will patch the game soon.

Will also remove the intro after you click "Retry", thanks for pointing it out!

hehe if it was a post from early 2020 they won't be in this game. But this one will have two NPCs

Thanks a lot for posting the bugs you've found! And sorry about your bad time with the Oni :/

The SP counters were fixed. I will address the problems with the settings and the cards before updating it again

It's weird that you are getting Untie from Tengus, I'll look into it.
To unlock Harden you have to pick the second option "Try to touch his cock"

You're right, the Onis spawning before the Tengus is pretty bad. Will change the order later this week, so we can have a better chance versus Onis

Yep, will be updating the game by the end of this month. My bad for the lack of updates on twitter, gonna try be more active, but you can always check trello since I use it to organize the development

That's so nice to hear, thanks a lot @IceDevice!

There aren't any. I had only planned a small story to give the game some context. But could probably add some romance in the future after the card battle is done.

thanks Gryph! It hadn't occured to me that the game didn't have a way to exit it x_x  I'll add it

Thanks Pandosham!

That's a good idea. I've never thought about it. Will try to fit more scenes with the  beasts in 

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Curti a VN! Me fez rir com o tanto que esse protagonista é folgado hehe

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Thanks Sancti! I don't think it's all that great, but with some more work it sure can be!

Hi foxzae! 

I agree that it lacks depth and it's 100% luck based so far. I'll be focusing on improving that this month. As for the horny beasts I don't have anything planned yet. Right now they just do more damage if you enrage them

Thanks a lot for your input!

I like it a lot! I just couldn't read most of the Orc lines, they go too fast for me hehe

Looking forward to see more of your work!

This is very nice! I didn't know you could do something like that with Renpy

It got pretty out of hand with 4 bowls for me :P

Good job on this one! This mechanic in a bullet hell game would be lots of fun to play.

If you're going to keep working on this game, make the stairs easier to climb, I had a hard time jumping over them. Also when you go back to the main menu after playing a level, it duplicates the song.

I dig the art a lot! It would be fun to explore more what you can do with the roar. The only use I noticed for the roar is near the village for calling for someone to open the gate for you. It would be cool if you made a full game out of this one, I would like to play it!

Thanks for the feedback! Really appreciated! 3D Camera is pretty new to me, so I got the controls messed up in the rush. Will try improving it after the jam is over.

Thanks for the feedback! Will definitely invest some more time to see if I can get something fun out of it