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I would prioritize having a linux port over having a mac port.

Yeah, we haven't programmed support for t-spins yet.  The game also currently uses pure random for selecting pieces, so we do plan on eventually implementing 7 bag.  I'm more of an artist and modeler, and currently my programmer friends are more focused on the 3D platformer.  And you didn't come off as rude, I'm pretty picky with tetris too!  You might have noticed this game is also missing wall kicks, it would be nice to eventually have them implemented too.

Thanks for the feedback!  I plan on adding remappable controls to future versions!  As for your laptop, some are fairly easy to replace the keyboard on, and fairly cheap to get a replacement keyboard on ebay.

The music sounds like it was inspired by maple leaf rag!

Is there a download link to this demo?

Hello, this is looks very cool what you have so far, but I'm experiencing a few issues; I can't enter the city level by pressing E.  I can't get past the first 3 platforms past the city level, I've tried many times but he seems to always get stuck on something in the air and then fall down between the platforms.  When I try to go back to collectables by pressing E, the game crashes.  Also can you add an option to invert the camera Y axis and maybe zoom the camera out a little bit?

levels 7,9,11,13 were the hardest in the game imo

I had no idea you could drag the gray tiles in level 11 until checking the answer

no u

This is already better than origami king

Will this be getting a PC release?

I finally beat the game, E gore actually wasn't as hard as I initially thought he was, I stated his difficultly being very hard in the google forms.  Still is fairly difficult though, you need to know where everything is after trying a few times.

I love this game!  Great unique character designs, and it really does have the banjo-kazooie feel.  The guy that chases you really is terrifying too.

This is pretty fun, and there is a lot to do and explore!  I haven't been able to figure out how to pause or save yet, are those features implemented yet?

It crashes when I try to open the exe file.

Salamanderm.exe caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005)
  in module Salamanderm.exe at 0033:02341c17.