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let the girls move slower but Dylan can always remain undressed.Problems with sharing game with a sister they also want

HI! I did a small play through of it and I'm sorry in advance for how bad it turned into but here is a video for you!

With love to the game here is a video!

I found a good end! However, I'm not a maid. EVER.

I absolutely adored how hard it was to find the good end through so much happening!

I have you a new video and am sorry about what happened with the other one? it said an hour when it uploaded but only showed two minutes? I should have figured something would happen but oh well. Anyways here's another video for you to laugh at.

I'm actually back and I unfortunately could not do both chapters in the same video as i wanted which is sad because now it's not just a cliffhanger for me. though I did make it somewhat dirty it's maybe R16+ which i think is good for my normal standards. Anyways thank you for the amazing game and I truly cannot wait to see what you have in store!


HI! I'm a small little gamer channel but I wanted to mention how much I loved this game because it's so unique and fun. I did get bored a little during the combat because I didn't know what to do or where to go... that was my fault. Enjoy your video!

I'm not sure how many times I said excuse me during this game in my lovely high pitched southern accent cause I know it wasn't a good thing when I did..... 

This started getting intense for Valentine's day, jeez

By the way i still love you all so don't worry, the inappropriate content is only in the videos.  

I actually enjoyed this game more than i let on because it did have a very creepy atmosphere as it progressed. SO while it wasn't quite up my alley It was still very good and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

HI! I loved your game so much when i played through without recording i had to put it on my channel because it gets better every time! I also love the characters personality's!

It is gettin' GOOD RIGHT NOW!

The hot guys have FINALLY shown up to keep the days occupied!

Alkzar was fun to see what he would do particularly since i was trying to figure out who was missing from them but i think all of them were there except Harry so i'm waiting to see if I'm right.

File got corrupted will fix Thanks for telling me 

Queen's Crown community · Created a new topic Videos

here is your video!

I'm dying from the suspense. I love doing play throughs of this game so much though! I'll be waiting for the next chapter!

This was actually a very satisfying game to play and made quite a few laughs for me.

Heres the end, by the way the end was amazing because i swore i headed down the bad path

This was an amazing game though a little short, however the elegant design and love put into it is well noted. It was a little strange to have files disappear and have to redownload it because of virus protection but thank you for the game. 

i made you a part two, here is more Azreal. I truly do enjoy this game more than I let on beyond the fangirling and dirty minded cringe feasting I show!

I enjoyed it even though it was kinda hard to tell what was happening and if it was even going together but it was worth it to try out and see what was happening

i ma be the only person capable of crashing the game but it did happen so i wanted to forewarn you of the error. also i absolutely adore the game even though the sexual parts were kinda cringy for me... here you go enjoy 

Here you go! sorry i may be dumb and stretched the video out to like thirty minutes..

I played the updated version and it was working great! thank you for the updated version because that made it so much easier!

Thank You!

Can i get an explanation to what i'm supposed to do with the medallions? please...

Video was was two rpgs put together but that made it fun

Two brought out the best and the cutest in Noleta as she found new things

And three made laugh as it all came to pass in jokes as the day wound down and ended

Best most entertaining game i've tried in a long time. i couldn''t figure out what they key went to but maybe im just really dumb so have a whole bunch of my idiocy mode

Download it, open it and it should run 

Right when I finish chapter 2 you have given me such a nice Christmas present known as chapter 3 thank you. Here is the video for chapter two so you all can laugh at me. 


It was amazing even though it was really short because of the scare factor. when the music starts amping up it sends you racing to figure out what to do even though you don't know if your gonna die or not. i can't wait till the full release to see how it ends!

Guild Project community · Created a new topic Videos

I made an R18+ video for the game because i thought that it was so cool when i played through it before actually recording

I actually like this game but there are a few problems with it such as he is hard to control because of his speed and timing delay on the jumps. you did awesome work though and i can't wait to play the full release!

I actually like this game but there are a few problems with it such as he is hard to control because of his speed and timing delay on the jumps. you did awesome work though and i can't wait to play the full release!

i couldn't get past the lava chains and the devlog kept coming up but other than that it was really good!

It was so fun to finish the game... though i'm sad cause now i have to wait for part two

Can't wait for all the dishes to be served! this was a fun game that can make anyone laugh when it's needed!