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> If you need more content, let me know

If by this you mean some suggestions to easily enrich your packs, I have two of them   :

- some non uniform grass tiles would be very welcome. It can subtly fill a scene adding new elements.
- I also found that there are no tiles to allow level changes that are not some sort of plank going up or down. I have managed to create some by rotating some of the tiles of you pack but that's a hack and some combinations did not look good.

Both suggestions are illustrated in this picture :


I wanted to let you know that I have finished a story that makes use of your assets. It's still needs to be proofread but I don't think you'll mind ! If you want to take a look at it it's here :

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Thanks for you reply.  Sorry for the confusion. I meant ennemies (monsters and/or animals) not in combat mode if you see what I mean.


I am going to buy the SuperRetro complete collection . I like the art and especially the color pallet.  My only  concern is that there are  no ennemies / NPC. I was thinking some of you may have used it and have found other asset matching packs.


Thanks for your reply. I'll buy them in the next few days. I don't know if you are aware of it or not but payment by bank card is not enabled, only Paypal.

I think that having a lot of assets with one visual style like you do has a lot of value. I don't know what 8x8 will look like. My previous work was using 16x16 ones but if it works I'll probably buy more.

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I'd like to use these assets to illustrate a story of mine. The story will be written in easy Japanese and published on my website. My goal is to help learners of the language and give them some engaging content. Also the from a technical perspective the illustrations are not images (so not downloadable) but CSS box shadows.

I have done it in the past using some other asset packs. Is that compatible with the licence ?

Here is an example of my work :


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I have just created an account to pay for the assets but can't find any way to do it!

I write stories in easy Japanese for learners and have illustrated one with some of your assets.

You can take a look here :
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EDIT : I forgot to say thanks for the art :-)