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Ok thanks a lot for the explanation my dude!

Will hope to see this updated and fixed as soon as you are able to seeing as you do this in your free time and all :P

Will you be adding the ability to select what giantess you have to go up against in the gauntlets and bring back that suburb map?

Or something similar to it because that was fun to play.

Also A quick thing about the levels?

Are those for the gauntlet tracks because if so I have done both and no unlocks.

If not then thats fine.

Either way good work so far and the feed back you will get should defo help this further.

Hi just recently started playing the game, been following the past update and now currently playing the new version...

Sadly once you get to a certain size you simply cant interact with the nuclear waste barrels anymore, you need to make the interaction field for them bigger, I can still interact with people and cars fine though.

Just the barrels I cant after the second one is eaten.

Kind of a shame really but the new update is fun the play, so keep it up and keep on improving this game :D.