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I'm sorry, but I can't help you to transfer the save on the iOS.

Hello! It's a pity but it's not possible...

Find it in new release

Replied to Nakam in Any questions?


Open the game, difficulty settings and press the header ("Difficulty level") for 5 times.

Replied to Shultza in Any questions?

Hello! Try to use the market and follow the scenario.

Replied to RoxyToxy in Any questions?

hello! It's not a bug. Put the crystal in the tree in the village. Tree is opening like a building by tap when you are at the village screen.

Posted in Any questions?

yes, it is. Please mail me to drbrick@yandex.ru, I'll try to fix it.

Created a new topic Any questions?

Please write here about problems in game.

Created a new topic New update!

+ New missions added to the first campaign

+ Ability to disable the reduction of the building level with the death of the mushroomer
+ Fixed bugs and balance errors found
+ Added a premium version (settings for difficulty and bonuses of mushrooms)

Created a new topic Hello! Do you speak english?

As you may have noticed, our english localisation is not perfect yet. If you know how to make it better or willing to help us, please drop us a line