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You are welcome X3

Nah is okey, you don't need to aplogize. Stay strong team

Finally after years XD

No (Sigh) more waiting...

Okey Thank you.

Sorry for my bad english XD.

Why you like big bottons so much?


Oh my god!

He return X3

Thanks X3.

Waiting for that X3.

So... i can aks about next the update coming this year or the next one? X3

Aka this december or in January?

Nice X3

Thanks anyway

Thanks for the answers!

Well just in my case it i can choose the other 3 love interests would be:

Wyatt, Tucker and Liam.

And maybe a slot for Connor.

Just 2 questions:

Who is love interesting or side character?

When is release date of By your hands?

Felicidades por el aniversario.

Okey, thanks for the reply.

Maybe you are right...

Is the worst vesion of  Shoichi route.

Even Yuuichi try to kill himself.

It true it exits the "Hell" version of Shoichi route?

And how to get it?


My condolences for you lost.

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Yeah, check the twitter creator of Tennis Ace.

He is having his own route XD

Lucky bastard

Also i make a discord account.

it you see me there i have the same username.

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Don't worry, is good to know your are okey and still working.

In few words the update will be this month in little and several or in one and big alongside the surprise. 

Perfect 👍.

So, what up Aless?

Everything alright with you, the update or the surprise?

Yes 😎


No, thanks to you Aless.

That is my job 😎.

Don't worry Aless, is good to know your are okey and not giving up with the update.

just one tip: Maybe schedule and release the next updates in 10-12 weeks (basically in 2 months)

The king Ranok has return.

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Aless, you get sick?

I hope you can recover.

Blessings 🙏 and be strong 💪.

Everything okay with you or the game Aless?

My condolences for your lost.

Don't worry for the game.

Just be strong 💪.

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Excellent 😎.

You are welcome 😊.

Don´t worry.

Just keep going and be strong 💪.

I be glady waiting.

Fingers cross🤞.

Thanks for the answer.