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I was working on a demo for a game that I left abandoned for about a year. I thought about getting back to it, finish programming and art and submit it for the contest. Even though what was already done for it was not for the IGMC, according to this FAQ I'm not allowed to submit it?


Tengo que subir una actualizacion con un par de bug fixes, nada que afecte al texto  (y veo una falta en las screencaps)

We are actually Spanish ourselves, but of course it would be great if you translated Hidden! :D

Thank you!

As for Charming Monsters, though it has been in hiatus for a while, we intend to resume development shortly and present a finished 1st season before fall (but it's a secret!)

It's not something that crossed our minds to be honest. Though hearing someone ask about it now makes us wonder... what is your opinion? Why did you think of it? :)

Thank you! We are really happy you enjoyed it!

Thank you so much!

We are very happy you enjoyed the game. We are currently working on finishing another adventure game (Spirited Waters) with the same gameplay, hope you can play it and enjoy it as well. :)

Thanks for your kind comment and taking the time to write it! We'll take good note of your opinion, it is true that the sfx and music suffered by the lack of time to finish the demo in time for the jam. We'll make sure to fix it and get rid of distracting sounds and hope you'll enjoy the finished game when it comes out! :)