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The update adds a ton of really cool and great stuff and changes the way you have to play. Don't know how hard this would be but I think it would be cool if when you shot the blue barrels they fell over. Also I know I might be the only one but could you make a harder mode I beat the hardest difficulty in around 10-15 minutes. I think one of the coolest parts of vr is the physics so it was awesome to shoot the difficulty signs off the table.

Thanks for the free game and your contribution to a plattform in desperate need of games like yours.

llama911 you can force the pistol to recharge by pressing the track pad, and its good for head shots and shooting the robots cameras, honestly i was clearing the game before with just the pistol so this forces me to switch between the two guns.

Hi this is my first time commenting. Id just like to tell you that your game is awesome I honestly play it more then all my other vr games.

Pros: its difficult and a challenge, I love the point locomotion, and using the sights to line up a shot.

Cons, sometime you enter a room and a robot is directly in front of the door and instantly kills you in the doorway, there is an consistent spawn of items and soldiers glitch into the walls, also a few times I've fallen through the world (but that only happened twice out of to many times to count.

It would be cool to have a difficulty slider that as you move up changes bullet speed, enemy reaction time and stuff like that instead of set difficulty levels. Also can you make an option to make the game more challenging then it is right now.

Also I Think the challenging gameplay sets this apart from a lot of the other vr games out there its like the dark souls of vr.

It would be cool if when you pulled the triggers on controllers the gun triggers moved also