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Thank you very much for all your efforts. I love the old arcade classics and your versions outdo the originals from back in the day on the C64. I especially love the versions you release with extra levels and feature. Top notch! Thanks Again!

Thanks for this GREAT game! :)

Question... You do such great work, any chance of a C64 version of Time Pilot and/or Time Pilot '84 with high score saving as well? :)

Thanks Again for this great conversion. I asked about a C64 version of this a few years ago on the PC version's page and you said you felt the original Namco version for the C64 was well done and a C64 version was not planned. Glad to see that you decided to convertt and release it. :)

I was just going to post that question as well. LOL Then again, I recall asking for Dig Dug for the C64 and was told similarly that it wasn't planned as the original C64 version was good. Then recently Dig Dug Revival came out for the C64, so there is always HOPE! :) At least I hope for a C64 version of this game! :)

Any chance of having a High Score board added or to save the high score to disk so that you can try to beat your current score later on? Great game BTW, I loved it! :)

Thanks. :)

Will we be able to download a d64 version of this? I'd love to add it to my Pac-man collection on my C64 ultimate. :)

Great game. Any chance for a Commodore 64 version?

A Commodore 64 version of this would be great! :)

Any chance of an Atari 5200, Colecovision, and/or Intellivision Encyclopedia book? I love your books and will be picking up the PDFs of the paid encyclopedias shortly. :)

Is it possible to host our own private/dedicated servers on our own hardware for friends and family?

Is there the possibility of running one's own private/dedicated server?

I LOVE this generator. I wish to use a few maps designed from it for my gaming group, but I'll need to name and note the areas myself in photoshop after exporting the map without notes and titles to .png format. As such, I'd like to ask what fonts are used for the Title and description as well as the room numbering and notes? I'm hoping to be able to use the exact fonts in photoshop when I add my custom notes and such.