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Thanks for the updates! :D They make for great improvements

Is this an alt account of Nebiros?

Just popping in to say good luck with university~ ;)

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This game is real neat for a first game, and taking a look at what you've made since then, a real testament to your potential! ^^ You've come a long way since 2020; keep it on up! :D

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The game is fun as hell! :D Excellent concept and excellent execution. The smoothness and polish are well above that of the average fare for a mini jam. Well done! <3

...Except the stupid E key doesn't work half the time! D:< I swear, by the end I sounded like a dang monkey, verbally begging "E! E! E!" of my computer XD

I feel like this would greatly benefit if 'pick up' was left-click like 'throw' (or, alternatively, right-click). That way, you could more seamlessly go from freezing a guy to picking them up to throwing them. Be more intuitive, y'know? Plus, then you wouldn't have to take your index finger off the movement keys just to perform that step of things, meaning you could more easily grab a frozen enemy 'on the fly' while making your way over to the guy(s) you want to throw it at, resulting in better flow and better action that's more conducive to the fast-paced nature of the game.

It's only a minor clunk in what's otherwise a highly entertaining arcade challenge :) but the degree to which it inhibits the flow of combat quickly adds up over time :( All in all though, the game is very much an outstanding show! ^^ And I'd love to see how that quick controls adjustment would change things :o

Groovy! Neat to know :D And don't worry, you're not the first one to make that mistake; it's a common gaff in games that try to implement wall-jumping. Can't wait to get my hands on the next version :)

Am I supposed to be able to retry without refreshing the page?

Game seems to crash after first level. Also, the music takes a bit to kick in, and then layers at the loop point, creating quite a ruccus...

Very nice prototype! Quite fun and fluid! Good work so far~

If I could give a bit of advice, I'd work on the wall jump controls. Maybe have it where the control to drop from clinging to a wall is down by pressing the down arrow key rather than simply letting go of the key they used to get on the wall; that way, they can let go of the arrow key before they wall jump, avoiding the pesky situation where the arrow key they were using to cling pulls back the first bit of their wall jump.

Sorry if that was hard to understand, lemme know and I can try to phrase it more clearly ^^;

Quick question: To heal from a campfire that you have lit, do you just hang out on top of it? Or do you have to pass over it repeatedly?

The game crashes upon game over due to a script breaking :(

Awesome game! It's a total blast! :D

My Discord is .starberry. Please add me as soon as possible so I can remove this comment before I get other unwanted requests ^^;

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I absolutely adore this game and its themes & messages, as mentioned in my review. It really touches the heart.

That said, may I ask what for a complete list of the controls? I feel like there's some things I'm supposed to know how to do that I don't, and other things I seem to be doing on accident. For example, is there a pause key? Are there use/interact commands besides E?

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No problemo! :D

oh, one last thing: Shouldn't the barriers be replenished between rounds? That's what happens in Space Invaders.

The executable... isn't an executable. It even doesn't have any extension at all, so you can't run it in any way, shape or form :\

I think it's splendid that you're still dedicated to making progress on this project after all this time. I noticed the last update was only 11 days ago.

A lot of people on itch tend to indefinitely forget about their aspirations for a given in-progress game when a new idea strikes them. It's refreshing to see someone continuing to work toward their plans for making a game whole, even after over 6 years! Keep it up~

If is proving difficult to format the resolution for, perhaps you want to release a downloadable version as well?

Very nice! I like it.

Before I put myself through the pain of level 9, I gotta ask: Was the difficulty spike fixed in the November 2022 update?

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The game window is too large for your screen, and zooming out or going fullscreen causes the game window to get cut off at the left and right :(

In addition, I feel like there should be some semblance of an interface. It would be very helpful in managing ammunition if we could see how many vegetables we currently have, and if there was a score counter we could follow along with as we collect points.

Only 8 hours ago? Wow, last time I was this early, all your base were still belong to you.

Right off the bat, a proper description would be nice to add to the page. Imma play a bit now and see how it goes

Very nice preview release! Enjoyable game~

P.S. So does this mean that your Dark World form is that of an adventurous boy? lol

Dude looks like a lady

OMG -- this game is so cute! Especially the protagonist!! Snowbun my beloved~

I'm game! Never done this sorta thing before, run me through it? Should I get your Discord too or something?

Why is the audio rebalance version almost 10 times larger than the basic version o.O

Very interesting and unique spin on a common concept. I like it.

This game is AWESOME. THANK you for putting it here for the whole world to enjoy! <3

Awesome! Looking forward to it!

Hello! This game looks interesting and very cool. Would any translations for the game be possible?

¡Hola! Este juego se ve interesante y bastante cool. ¿Sería posible alguna traducción para el juego?

Okay. So LGBFW and Suffocation are two separate things... but only the latter separate thing can be played online now, whether you like Suffocation or not. Got it.

How do I customize the sound alerts?

You change the values in the settings.ini

That would be awesome! It'd make preserving your progress between sessions a lot easier and more reliable :D

No pics, no clicks :(

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But you disabled online for the original upload...  so you're saying that now, you have to complete the expansion before you can play online in the base game's world?

Edit: Oh wait. I think what you're saying is you have to beat the base game to unlock the expansion campaign, and then have to beat that to return to the base game's world. Is that right?

Thanks! Sorry to keep buggin ya ^^; Is there like a video or something of a proper run to refer to?

Neat little project, thanks for sharing.

Oddly, for some reason the camera wants to drift to the right...