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I couldn't find a .exe file? which means it might be reliant on the user having pygame installed. Luckily I did but I don't think you should rely on that.

I figured out who the killer was  I think but I had no idea where to go from there. The cars seemed uneccessary and really annoying because you can't walk on the sidewalk in some spots (or the cars still hit you on the sidewalk) and sometimes when I was trying to go to a new area a car would spawn right ontop of me as I was trying to leave (or I would spawn right ontop of a car as I entered). The story is cool, the graphics are cute overall 7/10

I dont understand how to beat the first level, and the screen shouldn't be so zoomed out considering that you cant even see most of it. 

Beating this game was fun. I wish there was a restart button at the "end", because I had to close the game and open it again to win :P

so bad that its good

After uploading we discovered that making it to week 36 would cause the game to crash. The fix was a single line of code written incorrectly, luckily Benbonk has helped us update it. If you played the previous version / rated the previous version you should  probably re-rate it.

works for me, I put the files on a USB stick and managed to run it on my gf's laptop, my laptop and my mom's work laptop all of which I'm nearly certain don't have python or pygame installed...

how are you planning to distribute the game when ur done? I'm using pyinstaller, but its kinda wack

I'm using pygame! not sure if anyone else was, but I want to learn python so I've been coding everything in python for a few months now, and its going quite well

eyyy im doing pygame too, You're the only other person in the jam I've also seen doing it so far:)