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"Try and beat this"

Sure. 57 seconds. Give me some time, and I can go lower too if you want.

To the dev:

I loved the concept of this game so much! The checkpoints are spaced out perfectly so that it gets slowly and slowly more difficult to see, before bringing to all back. Also, the fact that you put the checkpoints a little out of the way meant that you had to actively worked for them, and also let people challenge themselves by skipping the checkpoints altogether. The discovery mechanic kept you on your toes, and I'll admit that the spike pit by the first checkpoint got me the first time I played through.

My only issue is the long hall and drop at the end. There's no difficulty in it, and all it does is add another 5 or so seconds to your game time. It's actually a little frustrating to encounter when you're speedrunning, because it throws your estimation way off.