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That... was so sweet.
Everything blended well together, and it's just really nice. Thanks for making this!

An atmospheric platformer! The music, models and animation all blended well together, making this a rather soothing place. Even the logo matches the game.

However, there could be some helpful additions added to the game. For example, if save points were marked, the player could tell where they were going to respawn. Another could be to make other platforms slightly transparent when Nero went onto a lower floor level and to make the wind more visible. Otherwise, this is a fine game!

Well-polished and high quality, it really is atmospheric. All the components work together so well to make this mysterious world! I think my mood changed from the atmosphere in the game...

Jumping around, landing on the floating boxes (are they boxes?) was really satisfying. Though when I landed and changed the camera's angle, I just fell from halfway up to the light (D:). Still haven't reached the top, yet. Next time, I shall reach the top! If that light is the top. Unless there are several lights...

This was a great experience for the first game I've played. Thank you Somberhead for making this!