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shut up fatty

no way


no it isnt...

this game is alot like monkey ball 3

good one

this game kinda ass but it taught me a lot

your games and works of art are always wonderous joys

no problem dude


i love this games atmosphere

still my best game ong, this game is p(ea)k3k


but it looks very nice

i beat it without knowing anything about how the game worked and i still dont know how it works

ty bro

too easy

wheres the green cards

this game is pretty cool

(1 edit)

for now if you dont know an item you can look at this. the items are

Purple gun: bazooka

low ammo, big bullets, big damage

Ak: ak

full auto, quick shooting, lots of ammo, low damage

starter gun: starter gun

you should know if you played the game

silver bullet:

extra damage

blue and red bullet: Zig zag bullet

extra damage, weird pattern when shot

bullet that is silver but half missing: fragment bullet

splits into 4 fragments on hit, low damage

ice block: slows enemies on hit

lightning strike: aftershock

 spawns a yellow damaging lightning thing on hit

green scribbles: poison

poisons on hit

weird metal looking thing: nail

extra damage (was originally meant to be a wooden stake for undead enemies but then i made all the enemies robots)

weird red looking scribbles: crit chance and damage up

clock looking thing: stun enemies on hit

there might be more i dont remember

and of course a lack of info on said items

there is definitely a lack of items and there needs to be a projectile enemy

my favorite part is when he says "lets break these bells" and then he bell breaks all over the place

i dont think most people leveled up. i hope you know you can level up. when you do you get upgrades. new enemy types spawn, and the difficulty scales

ok, im not gonna update it till the ratings are over but ill keep that in mind if i decide to update it later

im stuck at the star code

put the sb3 in this website if you wanna download that

i didnt excpect anyone to see the inspiration from snkrx

well, i made the music that plays when you select cards, just not the battle music

i didnt make the music, it was thepotatoe101. and i have added the scoring system. the only problem is, it gets laggy when you get far. working on that now


i shed a tear


fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr

thanks for the feedback.

the blobs are the enemies and the ball guy is a character, hes also got a gun. ill see if i can make that more obvious

im working on the repetitiveness, but can you elaborate on what you mean by the game is confusing looking?


think i fixed it.

its the brest game ever