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Thanks for the reports, but I have no intention of making my mods more compatible with other mods.

Have you tried testing them without Aric's? (I believe you are referring to Aric's Expansion)

In my testing, all of my mods work standalone or with Bugfix (only one more has to be loaded before Bugfix, but I believe I mentioned that in the main post above) For use with any other mods all I can say is hope for the best.

Maybe try changing load order? Can't really think of any other possible solutions without looking at the code, and I don't want to put in the effort to make the mods more compatible than I already have. Especially considering I've put Strive down once again.

EDIT: Yeah, looks like Gender Equality is the only one that needs to be loaded before Bugfix; and that's only because of a stutter check that is broken by Gender Equality if you load it after Bugfix.

Chris68 on Discord brought a few issues to my attention, and the following have been fixed:

Body Descriptions (both) has been renamed to
Drake's Balance Mod var gradepricemod poor -020 has been replaced with -0.2
No I in Race func races() has been replaced with func race()
Vagina Please has been renamed to

Most of these were actually fixed already in my personal build, and it seems that I forgot to upload the fixed versions. Sorry for the inconvenience, and hopefully there are no other oversights like this in my mods.

Let me know if you find any oddities and I'll fix them as soon as I'm able to.

Request - Would you be willing to split the gender selection and the rest of this mod into two separate mods? If not, it's fine. I can manually edit this locally to remove the marriage and adoption related code on my own time. (I won't republish, don't worry lol)

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Right, so... I took some time to look through my previous mods and re-uploaded some of them to clean up the code a tiny bit here or there and to make sure I knew what was going on. Body Description mods will overwrite each other, but you can use both at the same time if you want... though only the one loaded later will actually make a difference since the modify the same lines.

Body Descriptions (Small) starts at AA and goes up to C cup; Body Descriptions (Large) jumps up with each step, with DD and GG being the two largest options. I didn't want to go too far into the 'oversized assets' fetish in part because I don't personally enjoy that type of content, and in much greater part because there are only like 5 options available. So I already had to skip many cup sizes in between. I can easily edit these, so if you think GG is too big for this game, give me some feedback here and I'll go over it. It's really not hard to change it locally though, if you prefer doing it that way.

There are two entirely new mods as well, that didn't make the list before.

The first is Combat Preview Fix (BROKEN) which, as the tag implies, does not work as intended. Do not download this unless you intend to fix it yourself.
Q. What will this break if I use it?
A. Combat preview text (where it displays the number and level of enemies before a battle begins) may be buggy or incorrect. No further issues are known with this mod.

The second is Vagina Please, which only replaces the word "pussy" with the word "vagina" to make things more tasteful in my opinion. Purely cosmetic, and ultimately a matter of preference more than anything else.

I'm going to start playing this game again from scratch, deleting all of my old saves and just playing around to see what else I want to mod into the game. Once I have a better idea, I'll poke around and possibly make some more mods.

EDIT: Added a new mod - Kill For Mana - because it bothered me that the tutorial claims you can get mana by pain or pleasure, but only allows you to get mana via pleasure. (or sexual torture, I guess) Since it didn't even fit the game's established lore... I fixed it. Because it bugged me.
Seems to work fine with all of my current mods (except the two that don't work at all, even on their own) so I added it to the list.

Ran into a wall on the project I was working on, not entirely sure how to overcome it so instead of spinning my wheels, I decided I want to get back into S4P.

After I play around a bit, I'll probably try my hand at modding the game some more, but for now, keep the bug reports and suggestions coming.

Last level seems impossible to complete. I've landed between the horns 3 times.

Now I'm just having fun yeeting Gura into the horns and seeing what kind of crazy angles she flies off at.

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I'll try to fix what I can, but again - I haven't touched the game in several months.

Also keep in mind that I only used Bugfix v6 and my own mods. Never tested how my mods interact with other mods. I really only shared them because I wanted to give back to the community (mostly because Bugfix made my life easier)

Lately I've been focused on Project Diva Mega Mix+ and Starbound, which I finally got a friend into <3 but I do plan to get back into Strive 4 Power at some point in the future. Just not sure when lol.

Thanks for mentioning it. I haven't touched this game in months, but I went ahead and fixed it since it only takes a couple of minutes to get the update going.
Let me know if you find any other oddities with my mods, or if you have any ideas. I plan to get back into S4P at some point in the future and I'll have a go at modding again when I do. :3

Thank you for the reply. I didn't see the 'game.rpgproject' file in the game's files, and I've never really tried to mod other RPG Maker MV games before.

Oh, sweet gods of gaming. Figured out how to open the game and I think I can see why most modders are probably more likely to wait until the game's development cycle is at it's end.

I have never even imagined using RPG Maker like this. Very impressive work, indivi! I'll poke around a bit more, but I don't think I'd make anything special or really worth sharing. If I end up making anything, I likely wouldn't try to keep it updated... In large part because this is... quite impressive. I doubt I'd be able to keep up without taking a considerable amount of time to learn how you've done this project.

I am curious about something though - Why do you have so many events as opposed to using event pageswith variable access? (Using variables as conditions for which event page to be loaded) To be clear, I'm not criticizing, I'm just curious if there was a specific reason.

Lastly, thanks for the response. It was the prodding I needed to find the way to mod it, and that has opened up the potential for modding dozens of other games that will likely be just as easy. (I honestly never realized how easy it was to modify RMMV projects until now)

Impressive quality, interesting scenarios... a very enjoyable game overall.

I noticed there are apparently mods for this game... I was wondering if there's a guide somewhere, or if the source code is available for download. Checked the wiki just in case either could be found there, but came up empty.

Mod friendly or not, I'm looking forward to future updates. :)

Take all the time you need. If I have to choose between playing something unfinished and unpolished today or wait six months and play the finished, vastly improved version - I'll gladly wait.

You've got a really cool concept here and I'm curious to see what changes and additions you'll bring in. My only request, in all honesty, is just 'More.' because I really like what you've got here and aside from the complaint about Magic's inability to discern healthy targets from zombies, I honestly can't think of anything I would want to adjust or change.

Really solid game so far, so keep it up.

I hope this gets an update at some point in the future. Really love this game, and I wish we had some more content to enjoy here.

Only real complaint I have is the fact that Magic keeps targeting balls that are already small enough to get through, thus wasting a fair bit of potential damage, but considering how short the game is, it ultimately makes little difference.

16:51 clear time (and by clear I mean I got a ball through Micro with all purchases in GB shop) Previous best was over 23 minutes, so I'm happy with this improvement.

I had a glance through the files I believe would be required, and this is sadly beyond my ability.

From what I can tell, it looks like you'd have to add a new label for each new group, which would require setting up a function that allows the player to create new groups. That would only allow the creation of groups, not allow the player to put slaves in the new group, which would be handled by a separate function.

I spent about 20 minutes digging through code, then another 30 minutes looking for examples online and eventually accepted that this is simply beyond my current skills.

Thanks for the suggestion, and I hope someone implements it because I really love the idea - especially since my latest save has over 70 slaves... (I am still making other mods and messing around too, so slave organization would be incredibly helpful)

If any other modders out there want to give this a go, please do so. I'd love for this feature to be implemented as well!

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EDIT: Done.

TODO I need to split Drake's Descriptions into multiple mods still, as I've had people ask me for the cup size descriptions, and I don't think they'd want all body part descriptions to change... furthermore, I need to make a couple of different versions of that cup size mod as the current one only goes up to C cup (for vanilla's 'huge' size) and there are probably a lot of people that things that's too small lol.

If anyone has suggestions, leave 'em here and I'll read through them and make some considerations. :3

Strive for Power community » Mods · Created a new topic Drake's Mods
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Over the course of a couple of months while playing S4P, I've made some adjustments to the game. I spent the last 3 days or so trying to convert all of my mods from replacement to add/remove style modding and I think things are finally working at intended.

Here's a link to the folder containing all of the mods:

Mods included:

Alchemy For Dummies
Replaces all alchemy recipes with 1 Basic Solution (Very overpowered, cheaty)

Beastkin Mouse & Rat
Adds the named races (See NOTE below)

Beauty Adjustment
Alters the required beauty for each 'rating' and adjusts descriptions. Purely cosmetic

Body Descriptions (Large)
Replaces descriptive text for breast sizes focusing on larger sizes (maximum GG cup, with many interim cup sizes skipped due to limitations in base system)

Body Descriptions (Small)
Replaces descriptive text for breast sizes emphasizing smaller sizes (maximum C cup)

Combat Preview Fix (CURRENTLY BROKEN)
This mod is supposed to fix some of the displayed text before combat allowing you to gauge your enemies' strength more accurately, but is currently broken and not working as intended. Do not download unless you intend to fix it yourself.

Combat Stress Reduction
Reduces the stress generated during combat (for both allies and enemies)

Drake's Balance Mod
Rebalances a number of things without breaking the game or making things too easy. (You might disagree)

Drake's Descriptions
Changes multiple descriptions in the game to be more tasteful in my opinion. Purely cosmetic.

Gender Equality
Adjusts the character creation system to allow most settings regardless of gender chosen. (NOTE: Your chosen gender will be changed in game based on genitals. Use MoreGenderOptions to set your gender at will and have it reflected in game)

Known bug: Overlap with Bugfix. Bugfix adds a stutter check. If this is loaded after Bugfix, the stutter check will be ignored/removed.
Solution: Load Gender Equality before Bugfix (Ordinarily, you should load Bugfix before anything else, but this is the one exception)

Named in honor of Moot from 4chan. Allows you to choose 'child' during character creation.

Kill For Mana
Allows you to gain mana for each enemy killed after combat. (3-5 randomly; same amount as raping them)

Line 126
Adds a comma in that was missing. This caused me a few headaches. (Request has been sent to have this fix included in Bugfix mod, if it is included, I'll remove this mod entirely as it will no longer be needed)

No I in race
Original game's code didn't account for races starting with the letter I in it's determination of using 'a' or 'an' so I fixed that.

Perfect Trait
Adds a very overpowered trait to the game, and makes it selectable for your starting slave.

Vagina Please
This mod simply replaces many uses of the word "pussy" with the word "vagina" to make things more tasteful in my personal opinion. Purely cosmetic

NOTE: Beastkin Mouse & Rat will break all descriptions in game if it is not used with Line 126. The order of these two mods does not matter.

Every mod in this list (except for Beastkin Mouse & Rat) is fully self contained and should work as intended with no dependencies. Every mod here should work with Bugfix, but I have not tested these mods with any other mods.

You may find other mods in the folder that are not listed here. These mods either do not work as intended, or are still being developed.

CREDITS: None required. I made everything you see here for personal use.
You may freely edit or redistribute in part or in full with no accreditation required.
You may include these mods in modpacks or modballs freely.
You may link back to this page if you wish, but this is optional.

Have fun, modders!

Ran into a small annoyance when trying to add some new descriptions to res://files/scripts/characters/

var descriptions line 126 '"spider abdomen" : '''  is missing a comma at the end. I've created a tiny fix mod, but I was hoping it could be added to bugfix, since it's such a little thing it doesn't really warrant it's own slot in the mod list (and a bugfix patch should always go before other mods, which should help with load order issues for end users too)

The fix:

<RemoveFrom 126 126>
var descriptions = {
    #    "spider abdomen": ''
<AddTo 126>
var descriptions = {
        "spider abdomen": '',

I briefly scanned through the file and didn't notice any other missing commas, so I hope there aren't many others in the project. This fix is tested and works for me on 1.0d.

I was trying to add a couple of new tail descriptions btw.

List of all my mods (currently unreleased):

Alchemy For Dummies - Replaces all alchemy recipes with a recipe requiring one Basic Solution (Breaks game balance, I'll make another mod later to fulfill the purpose behind this mod - avoiding the grind of fighting hundreds of monsters with limited stamina [read as: stress] forcing multiple breaks and cutting into valuable gaming time; this mod was just a quick & dirty one intended to make me smile and get me used to the modding environment while also granting me the satisfaction of never having to farm underground monsters again lol. Why are they so far from town?)

Beastkin Mouse & Rat - Adds the named races to the game via a simple method, and adds custom descriptions for them. Because of how the game is coded, this automatically creates the halfkin variants of each (for those of you that don't know - all Beastkin have a halfkin variant and it's handled automatically by the code)

Combat Preview Fix (Not working, need to figure things out for this one; it's intended to show the exact number of enemies [working] and the highest level of all enemies present [not working at all])

Combat Stress Reduction - Reduces stress gained per turn in combat, as it says on the tin.

Gender Equality - Adjusts character creation for gender equality by allowing almost all options regardless of gender. (minor tweaks required before it's release ready)

I'll be working on a few other things here or there, like rebalance patches and such. I'd love to have a look at the quest log and make a backlog of completed quests, and also rewrite a bunch of questlog entries because coming back to an old save and trying to figure out what's needed is kind of annoying. It's far easier to start over, and that means walking away from whatever amount of effort your put in the previous save.

One other thing I'd like to tackle at some point is changing that intro text that pops up during character creation. I want to move the button and reduce the size of the text window... it really doesn't need to be that big... but those are on the editor side, and I can't be bothered to open Godot right now lol.

(2 edits)

So I made my own mod with about 25 or so different purposes, but it was all done via overwrite. Now that I have decided I want to post the mods, I need to edit them so they modify the functions instead of replacing them. Also splitting that big mod into a dozen or so smaller ones.

Everything was going well until I reached my Beastkin Mouse & Rat mod...

So what I want to do is append my races to the end of the array, but after some testing, it doesn't seem to work that way. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong, so I thought I'd pop into the Discord and ask for help, but after waiting a few minutes I figured it wouldn't hurt to post here as well.

My mod works fine, and just by adding to the list of races, they show up in the character creation menu, as intended. So everything works fine. (I've also run into some wild halfkin rats, so I'm happy about that as well)

The problem occurs when trying to convert the mod over to be additive instead of replacing the entire variable array.

Has anyone here successfully added a race to the game without replacing the var races array in

Side note: I also have custom 'body parts' for the mice and rats, since round ears weren't a thing in vanilla for some reason... And of course, I had to add the tail descriptions lol.

EDIT: Apparently I needed to take a short break. Syntax error stopped me in my tracks. Fixed now, and working as intended... now to figure out how to deal with which has dozens of changes and additions lol... This is gonna be fun. Special thanks to Ankmairdor for the help on Discord. Sorry I wasted your time lol.

Yeah, looks like that's the exactly version I have.
Thanks for the link! Too bad the links in the post are down lol. Hopefully they are back up soon. :3

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Don't know if it's related to this pack, but I'm using a pack that is 1.5 GB compressed, 1.9 GB uncompressed. (The link in the OP is a pack that's 1.1 GB, for reference)

It's called "All-in-one v2.9". I tried running it through PNGGauntlet, but it looks like the files have already been optimized.

I actually came here looking to expand on my collection, but it seems like this one was included in the pack I'm using. But sadly, I don't know where the pack I'm using came from, since it was given to me directly from a friend. I went looking for it briefly, but didn't have any luck. Maybe you'll fare better?

End of day 4 - I was placing another relay point and the results came up, music went buggy and game was softlocked. Browser tossed a dialogue window my way after a minute or so telling me the page was unresponsive.

Really cool idea. I only wish there was an endless type mode included, because each day felt quite short once you got going.

Only other feedback I have is that you might want to look into those new star systems being generated. Seems like more often than not they generate in a spot that I already have almost completely covered. Would increase the difficulty a fair bit if they spawned more towards the outside instead of just *somewhere*.

Not sure if you are planning to update this one again, Intradom, but I have a few suggestions:

~ A quick tutorial that explains a few things, or a simple "?" button somewhere with this information would be a big plus. (Workers, tools, gates, ore tiers)
~ Freeze Workers Button OR Worker Menu - Trying to chase down my workers to give them better tools was an exercise in futility for a couple minutes there. Either a button that stops workers from moving/mining or a menu that will allow you to switch their tools would be nice. Also might help if a player accidentally gives a worker their tool without meaning to.
~ Disable UI - An option to disable the UI would be cool, for focused gameplay. Just gets rid of the tooltip at the bottom when hovering and the top bar, allowing the player to see more of the screen at once as well. 
All in all, a very fun little game. I played it some months ago but at that time I never knew you could get tools from the vending machine(?) in the corner of the first room, so it was a slow and frustrating experience the first go around. Glad I came back to this one. 

Made it to the end, then managed to get my Mana Cap to 400k, and my Conjure Mana duration to 26 minutes. (at over 1.5k%) so I'd say now I'm just waiting for the next version. Read in the comments there that the next update is planned for the end of May. Looking forward to it. :)