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I agree with no source of life in sound, I really hope they will add.

1. You have craft it

2. Green Essence = kill slime (Swamp) [Explore]

Blue Essence = kill slime (Forest) [Pond]

Brown Essence = kill slime (Forest Path) [Explore]

Poison Essence = kill slime (Junkyard)

As far as I know I only encounter 4 types of slime. So that's all

if you asking about the android version here's the updated from Discord and Twitter:

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I'm intrigued, what Teak saw on Luke's memory, when he use Mana Vision. Did he saw some of Luke's tragic past, why he end up at blizzard?🤔

So many  questions inside my mind, to get some answers, but those questions can wait.😄


No. You can pay for it or find a way through River Bank.

Thank you for the tips. I'll try do it.

is it possible that the game had icons for "items and resources"?

What if you choose both of them?


I think  I know what's the "Ominous Whisper" is, it's the "bad/evil" side of Aluna. And the "Whisper" is the "good" side of her.

I'm having a bug on "To-Do" at Gallery

The bug is... Rune' Noon Hangout, when you trying to get the alternate scene.

(I had no idea what's going on but, I joined.)


Alex's Route.

I'm having a same error as well.

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The latest update was looks great! Gonna wait for the next update of Sileo. Wanna know what will happen next.😁

It's DEMO Version


Yes! It's here in!! Here's the link:

I did try to run the game at joiplay, well it run... but you can't play it.

What is password from the computer from Alex's Lab?

It's free.

Well, I love the art style of "Limits" , if you ask me.

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now you mentioned it... Is the day 7 of Mark and Anders are available in patreon version? Cuz, I can't access the day 7 of two of them in public version.

Is there any finished routes of the game?

Well... Don't be offended, but I guess that's would be impossible to have a routes on each character from Khemia. But only Neferu and Scipio's story...

You and I are in the same boat, buddy... 😁

Well, Wolfman, looks like you can't really wait..

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Cosplay of Amicus!                                  (That scene was from "A Place To Call Home" VN)

The game is finished. And the sequel is Khemia.

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IDK?? I was going to ask if this VN was finished... But it's look like it's not yet..

Amazing! The build 2 (Guidance and Delusions) was AWESOME!!! Good Job EchoProject, and I hope the build 3 will be amazing too..😁

Is there any guides on all routes?


Yo guys! Who watch "Kamen Rider Amazons" here? see I saw some similarly on it. (I don't like to compare things, but I just want to clarify it.) Well, like I say, I saw some similarly on it, and this is what I saw:

  1. The Exterminators
  2. Monsters(Amazons/Beast/Corrupted)
  3. Strict Mother
  4. Protagonist that can't leave the house, because he's illness
  5. The main character had sister

Well that's all I can say, like I said before I don't like to compare things.

Anyway no offense, I just want to say wants on my mind.

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I hope there will be a part 2 of Diego's route (and also a part 2 of remaining routes after the it finished — but that depends on the ending of each routes). And I really hope you guys will to continue "Sileo" , as well..

And thank you for creating this great VN! Diego's Route are the best. Like I said earlier, I really hope you guys will continue this great VN in the near future, I'm really looking forward to it 😁😁..


if that happens we can't play as Marco on this Sequel, instead we can only play as Scipio on this sequel, let's just hope after the final build of Khemia we can play as Marco again, maybe?...

Earth, huh? I like the idea.

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thank you! And how can extract/emulate the file?

Is there any possibility that this VN have android version?

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I really hope they will add week 2 of each routes.. also waiting for the last two main characters as well... I wonder what type of species they are...? A human or a beast-man, well will see about that!! I'm excited to know!

Is there finished route here?