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Beautiful!!! Simply fantastic writing and story line...I like how the readers get both sides of the story and not just stick with one side....that's a bonus....too bad this is just a demo :C (sad puppy eyes) I would love MORE!!!!!

Other dev's watch out BM_Rec is AWESOME!!!! (been awhile since I commented...checking how things going been reading other comments...I agree on the take your time on updating (i got a life too) so me playing VN's cut short too LOL....

How can I sum this VN up???? (bites on pencil thinking) AWESOME!!!!!! Love the characters...Hard to choose which one I like amongst the girls :C 100/10 stars

I have few complaints...Their voices are way 2 sexii (pulls out more boxes of tissues!!!!) ALL IN ALL I GIVE 100/10 star rating...Damn this is best vampire VN I've seen and read in awhile...(hurries and gets rid of tissue evidence)

Downloads this VN *loads kitty launcher to see if this is as good as other VN's"

sends TEAMANPIM hundreds of kitty grenades for support TY Ty Ty TY!!!!!! P.S. no worries on the support I LOVE YOUR WORK on VN's!!!!!

(loads a kitty bazooka at screen) only thing i need to say is THIS IS BEST AWESOME VN on the itch website!!!!!! (shoots kitty launcher everywhere) rates 1000/10 kitty stars P.S. please make or consider a VN about bridal girlfiends or something similiar would love to see...

If I could invest in your work I would with no doubt!!!! You make incredible work (Seriously your VN's are amazing) If you stop you will be missed LOL ::P

Question for BM_Rec after your done with this gonna make another one similiar to (this one) or it's gonna be different? I know you got already another VN besides this...Just curious????? :PPP

Oh man you is the best...I applaud for creating this RPG...FINALLY something different...

So far it's a great game (Only bug I found is after leaving bandit camp and talking with freezes on bed and can't move or click nothing happens) I would love to continue or at least get to point where version is done and need an update..But other than the BUG it's highly recommended to play 10/10 star rating

The 2nd Chapter is getting steamy!!!! (of course I didn't like how smug he was) But man the sex was pretty erotic gotta give it to ya LOL!!!! Great job!!!!

What I've noticed is how life-like the characters are. It's almost like its more realistic than a VN..My opinion that's what I look for in a VN is how realistic or life-like (and NOT cartoonish)..Thanks for reply...And your welcome btw you deserve praise for hard work...

I'd say this is pretty erotic..I would love to see more...The scenes are pretty damn HOT!!!!!...I do have to say though (love to see some if not a little choice here and there)..But all in all I'd give this 8/10 Stars Good Job!!!!!

I have to leave some stars for other players :P

I love your work on this VN (BM_Rec) Gonna put it out there..This is one of my top 5 VN's out there. I'm giving 1000/10 stars rating..Looking forward to an update..

*claps claps* This is one of my favorite VN's...A good amount of humor (who doesn't like Kaede's comments) I was soooooo relieved when they got together (Camille & Haruka)..I was sooo hoping...Gives a billion stars *

Everything is fixed...BUT!!! I got new problem...Whenever I go back to town (Very first town you start from) Game completely freeze me..Can't move nor escape have to close manualy...But as far as fighting goes that works...Just now after I picked up the fortune teller and she said head north from Brittle..I enter town game went let me continue...

Oh no problems...I really appreciate it and let me just say...The little I did play is awesome..I recommend this game to alot of people..10/10 hearts or rated...Thanks for creating this...Much respect!!!!!

I just got another error screen fighting through the forest area after leaving town...Here is what it says Failed to load:image/animations/statedown1.png and when I press the Black Retry button it freezes and crashes..

I am playing on Windows 10 OPS...I even reinstalled 3 times..When game freezes or crashes it completely closes the game..I have to reopen the game from where I last saved..It won't let me show screensaved or I can show...I'm just as puzzled as you..Thanks for sending reply back..

Bugging at boss fight with Lamia...I can't use magic or enemies uses magic otherwise game freezes..but regular attacks works just fine..I can't get anywhere if enemies or myself uses any type of spells...

Just finished playing...I was so hooked on Elsie and I thought things was going pretty good until Mom called and the mysterious letter appeared..What else can happen??????? Oh right my room mate coming into room...OKAY i am 10000% intrigued!!!! I rate 400 thumbs up!!!!!!!

Very well thought of VN..I just got done with first playthrough...I really enjoyed it. There was many twists and turns that makes this VN stay out from the rest of those VN's across the websites. There was some moments I shared a tear..I give this 1000/10 rating..Great Job..

This is a unique date game...I would like to give this 200/110's a different take on dating simulators..Need more games like this...Great Job on the work you guys do...P.S. Very well done and I think your attractive (just saying)

Thanks for replying back...I absolutely loved the VN and the twist you threw in was mind blowing (usually the main character doesn't get involved) But, when you threw that twist in..I was grateful kept it interesting...So thanks for your hard work...Seriously

Beautifully done..The accident threw me a loop..And the added stats lovely touch..Characters wonderfully done..Too bad can't romance BFF..But at least there is some story to it..400/10 thumbs up!!!!!!!

I've got done playing this VN..let me just say one word to sum this up..AMAZING!!!!!! This is strictly (no) This is beautiful well thought out VN i've seen..Love the story the characters..400/10 stars

I loved this VN...beautiful characters and wonderful story...I am in love with how this is made..I would love to see this get did wonderfull!!!!!

I have absolutely adore this VN!!! Let me put this out there...This story is has EVERYTHING..romance laughs..relatable content..I have a few favorite VN's..this is 10000% sure on my favorite top list of VN..awesome work with details..I was praying they would get together..I can't wait for new update!!!! 400 thumps up!!!!

Fantastic VN it touched on real topics of the heart..How many people go through with school and peers..I was touched..Love too see more...200/1 recommended play through who haven't read this yet..

Thanks for reply..And I am relieved to hear there is more coming..I was looking into more cute VN's..I am glad there was a VN with more on the cute side of things (pets splash of humor etc etc)..If I had the funds..Would so recommend to donate towards your beautiful work with this..To further see this VN and have many people like this besides me hehe..

Time to replay for 5th time!!! I am soo loving this VN..The genre is amazing..VN covers every aspect that people face in the world..I can relate too many characters..1,000,000/1 and 400 thumbs up!!!!

This is a real nice VN..I could play this a thousands times..And it's got cuteness factor rated in 1000% or more..ha. I gave 5 star rating..Thank you for creating this..I look forward into the next update..And more to see what happens with rest of story.  400 thumbs up!!! (P.S. I would recommend people should donate to your work and creative) I love this!!! Thanks again...

I give this 200/1 Does anyone object if I marry Liz? This VN is awesome!!! Akarsha is sooooo funny. And Diya is a amazing person..Noelle and Min make up the cast of characters in this story. I simply can't stop reading this. Please, please make a sequal to this or a series. I LOVE THIS VN!!!! 20 thumps up

This is a nice turn into something relaxing and sweet. Reminds me of when I went into college and met someone..I give this 100 thumbs up :3