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Thanks for reply..And I am relieved to hear there is more coming..I was looking into more cute VN's..I am glad there was a VN with more on the cute side of things (pets splash of humor etc etc)..If I had the funds..Would so recommend to donate towards your beautiful work with this..To further see this VN and have many people like this besides me hehe..

Time to replay for 5th time!!! I am soo loving this VN..The genre is amazing..VN covers every aspect that people face in the world..I can relate too many characters..1,000,000/1 and 400 thumbs up!!!!

This is a real nice VN..I could play this a thousands times..And it's got cuteness factor rated in 1000% or more..ha. I gave 5 star rating..Thank you for creating this..I look forward into the next update..And more to see what happens with rest of story.  400 thumbs up!!! (P.S. I would recommend people should donate to your work and creative) I love this!!! Thanks again...

I give this 200/1 Does anyone object if I marry Liz? This VN is awesome!!! Akarsha is sooooo funny. And Diya is a amazing person..Noelle and Min make up the cast of characters in this story. I simply can't stop reading this. Please, please make a sequal to this or a series. I LOVE THIS VN!!!! 20 thumps up

This is a nice turn into something relaxing and sweet. Reminds me of when I went into college and met someone..I give this 100 thumbs up :3