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it honestly looked the same to me except maybe the roof color. And the interior looks near identical, especially the clock to the other interior tile set being offered. I was just curious. 

How is this different than the one i bought on the RPG Maker DLC store for $9.99?

I was wondering the same thing. I’ve spent a lot of time and money on my MV project and don’t want to have to start over. 

love these! Now we just need space/time like meteor or comet or ultima XD

exceptional work! Will you be making earth, ice and lightning?

I'm about to buy all of these special collections for my game. all i need now is Earth, Ice and Lightning (and maybe Space/Time) and i'll be all set!!! thanks for all of your hard work!

Thank you very much! I really appreciate your quick replies. I’ll be sending you a PM sometime tomorrow so allow preparation. 

hello. could we set up some time to chat about my RMMV project and what i'm looking for in terms of plugins and possible some graphics? i've looked at your work and i'm impressed. i also viewed your master2015hp profile and equally impressed with the work and reviews. i just can't find what i want and i'm definitely way under-skilled in terms of programming in JS, but still very passionate about what i'm creating. 

This looks great. Tbh though, I’m a little leery about spending $10 on this when there are other plugins, like Mog’s weather EX that can do just about the same thing. If you could provide a list of the parameters of the plugin that would be great. I would love to see what this thing can do in terms of setup.  What would be really cool is if you could control the weather by region or something. 

lovely game. i was curious where you got your enemy battler images and plugins.

I've used your music in the past and using your creations for the vast majority of music for my game. every game dev group i'm in, i share the link to your site and laud your work. i'm not just saying this. this is great stuff.