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Awesome video! Thanks for playing :)

Takes time, practice and a lot of tea :P Thanks for the compliment!

Good to hear you're enjoying it :) I'm still planning to continue development soon and I'll be creating a new development post about it shortly. Thank you so much for the support!

Thanks for the kind words :) I've got a lot more planned for the future so I hope you will continue to play!

Glad to hear it! Thanks for your help with that bug. Your support means a lot :)

No problem, I'll hopefully track it down for next update. Thank you!

Thanks for letting me know! Any more info you can give e.g the class you were playing and what abilities you had would be super helpful. No worries if not though, I'll be looking in to it :) Thanks for playing! 

Thanks for trying it out friend! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

Been nice to see your updates on twitter. Looking forward to playing more soon! :)

Very promising alpha build. Haven't played too much so far but I like it a lot. Nice work! :)

Thanks, I appreciate it! Hope you're enjoying the game :)

Wow, that's great to hear :) I look forward to making it even better. Thanks for playing!

Thanks Matt, glad you're enjoying it! :)