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Honestly I'm into it. I love it. I really enjoy how you built onto the concept and expanded it even in such a short series of events.

Not sure what's going on. reminds me of that lady who eats apples. but i think i like it. 

appreciate the concept, like others said we need a bit of direction but I appreciate the looks

appreciate the effort

Honestly I find myself loving this. It's super simple, instantly reminds of me of things like cookie clicker or the like. Really cool be fun if expanded into a game kind of like hedgehog launch which sticks with me now from my elementary school years into my adult life now.  One of my fav entries so far.

Pretty fun. Seems reminiscent of past games we've seen throughout the decades, I think it needs a bit more complexity to set the idea apart.

Really enjoy it! Could see this being expanded on by the outer layer taking different shapes to create more dynamic movement

Seems like something we may have seen before at first, but I think the twist of the jam with it only bouncing off each once really puts some puzzle potential to this if you explored it further. Nice job!

cute idea