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Thanks for all your hard work!

I can answer this. Save files bug out and disappear after every new chapter is released or are just unable to load at all. Thats why the save files are very iffy.

Can you make this go mobile?

The gard maybe

Hey can we have a scene for sammy were we fuck her pussy. Also nice progress from episode 6 to episode 7! Thank you for all your hard work and I hope the situation with those idiots in Russia gets fixed soon!(hehe hard)

Uninstall the older version and then choose to install the newer it should work

Also can you add pokemon like gardivor and garchomp just to add in some more variety

The game likes to bug out and have the mons despawn after one action on the version 2.0 please fix this and thank you

@DicPic Studio are you ok? Can you confirm your ok because we are all getting really worried for your safety! I hope things are going well and something small just happened and not a major crisis. Please be ok

Excited for episode 7 😁

Hey I was wondering if in a later version we can fuck Sammy's pussy and get girls pregnant. Also can we have sex scene's with the queen and her daughter?