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is there going to be a Mac version of this an it looks interesting an nice in the same time an peaked my interest

not bad at all An Fun At The sam Time ("o")

Short and cute, like the main character were purposely written well is perfect. OMG so adorable an it made my day a litte beter 

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is there english virgin it look good but i cant understand an read the language

when it says what language do you want to translate keeps translate to Russian only even after I wrote in English it just keep it in Russian an i try 4 time looks interesting but the issues I'm having looks ( "o")

It Look Not Bad For What I see For The photographs But I Cant Play It Because It Not On The One I Have I have Mac   

tack your time 

Its okay. Take all the time you need. I am exited to see what Will next build has to offer :D. And better to have a done right Instead Have It rust : )

Love it And Hope You take your time And Joy it What You Love To Do

I love the game so much for the problem is for me I have to load an old ass safe file and try to find where I was every time I load of file that is for the previous build it says reload or so and when I do something it takes me back to the beginning then going through the hassle you didn't have to wear a curly with the old safe file I truly love this game but I wish that problem was fixed like seriously I'll get their bugs but I wish that one wasn't one of them but you take your time I love games are done right and put a lot of love into them💖🥰😍

So Darn Cute And It Made Me Feel Happy Honestly, this was so sweet and adorable. I absolutely loved the story and the pacing of it all. Overall I feel like it was a good balance of the sad and the sweet and just seeing a more in-depth look into Atlas and Nord's relationship really hits me in my poor soft heart Seeing you continue to develop and flesh out your characters with each installment is mesmerizing as well as the continued improvement of your art I'm looking forward to whatever you might create next.

Take your Time i do not mime Waiting it Because if Game Is Good I Don't My The Wait For It hell I'm still waiting for updates on games for Other game On Here That How patient I'm Some I Been year and a half I don't Mind If The Good  

I love It It Help Me Get My Mine Have A Bad A Day 

Well I'm surprised how I'm good the game turned out to be and I love all of it even the spicy things and then you blush hers then I was surprised the detail 💖😛😋😍🥰👏👏 the chief of the good work and take your time

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I tried to start this game I love it but every time I do it says this

CI'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:

Exception: Line with id chapter1_712daa3f appeared twice, at game/chapter1.rpy:5 and game/chapters1-16.rpy:5.

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:

  File "/Users/mac/Documents/Untitled Folder/heat-source 2/", line 274, in bootstrap


  File "/Users/mac/Documents/Untitled Folder/heat-source 2/", line 490, in main # sets

  File "/Users/mac/Documents/Untitled Folder/heat-source 2/", line 297, in load_script

    self.load_appropriate_file(".rpyc", ".rpy", dir, fn, initcode)

  File "/Users/mac/Documents/Untitled Folder/heat-source 2/", line 809, in load_appropriate_file

    self.finish_load(stmts, initcode, filename=lastfn) # type: ignore

  File "/Users/mac/Documents/Untitled Folder/heat-source 2/", line 427, in finish_load


  File "/Users/mac/Documents/Untitled Folder/heat-source 2/", line 169, in take_translates

    n.filename, n.linenumber))

Exception: Line with id chapter1_712daa3f appeared twice, at game/chapter1.rpy:5 and game/chapters1-16.rpy:5.

Darwin-19.6.0-x86_64-i386-64bit x86_64


Sun Nov  6 13:58:17 2022

luck you I My Not i Am On Day 30

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i have the problem that whine you Loading it Kicking me to do you want skip screen an give me the Wrong Name for main Character i gave to one on route main Character name i give it give me a different name each time an i try gone back Further back to save file it does it And Did not Show the Bar To save Or Load It Not A less i Start A New Game

Is there gone To Be A  English virgin This one  just wondering because the it Look To Me It Fun To Play 

is there go to be a  English virgin

I truly love the game but I hate the fact every time I get the update I have to resurf at the beginning this is the second time it's happened to me I really love it the game but I hate when I have to start from the beginning again even trying to load a old save file it takes me back to the name of the character screen other than that I love the games you come up with and I hope you have a good one and year and you're family too 😊 and take your time don't have to rush

Tack Your Time we Can All Wet

I just tried it and I'm having trouble because of some half of words get cut off for the website version 

I have tried so more than 38 times so far to get it on my Mac and I tried everything I think of it's still not letting me play it it just keeps booting me off or said you wanted to try open again and if I do put again it keeps getting a loop of do you want to try open again and again the way it looks it lo

I love your game but the problem is right now when you updated it every time I exit out I have to restart the game even if I try loading the game I saved and automatically send me to start screen where I have to redo it all over the name thing and everything other than that and like I said I love it just wish you fix that problem 😀

is thare go to be a Mac one

yes I just tried the public version and it's do the same

just that one so far

thought patreon but that is but ust have on macos before 

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I love the game but I'm having trouble downloading again after having my computer fixed I keep saying this and I only way I was able to do is buy off of I know the site that was different but not the Mac version 

i do not know  how to Solve this

it let me install it 

Tacke your time 

hi the way it looks  but it not let me on it an i have try before an it did the sam i have try so mine time it not go it say do you what to open again i whit to try it

to ok  i wish it did

is there go to be a mac 

is thare a ENG aversion this

is there go to be a mc one