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it is safe ,,, your pc/laptop will always mark it as unsafe due to it being from an unknown publisher (which is pretty much everything that isnt from microsoft or known publishers)

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Quite fun, but i wish there was an option for the rats not to eat certain things i dont want them to eat ,,It made it harder to build any type of "farm" as they just ate it all before i could build what i wanted ,,Give us the option to move the main storage,, I think we should be able to train 2 soldiers per barracks as its time and space consuming having to build it every time for just 1 additional soldier when we need at least 3-4 to fight off the first wave without many deaths (could just be a skill issues tho :D) OR just give us an upgraded versions of the buildings that allows us to do that ,, But apart from those things i cant wait to the full game . Keep Up The Good Work!!!

I love these types of games,, where you actually have to build up your relationship with the individual and not just doing it right away for no absolute reason. Keep Up The Good Work!!!

Also some questions, do you plan on creating various positions? Or Like fingering/tongue work or such? (Kinda feels awkward asking this).  

And will you add like a jealousy system if you spend far more time with a different spirit that isn't our gf/bf? (Not sure how you would do it but still asking). 

.Again,, Keep Up The Good Work <3.


hi ,  sorry for late reply ,,, i tried it in browser and it worked ,, thx for the help , 

the game is stuck on loading screen

download link is bad ,, cannot download the game

game does not support ps4 controllers?


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i rlly like this game but sadly i cannot download it and flash is gonna be gone soon,,,, so i hope we will be able to download it cuz its duper cool nice art and stuff 

pretty good story but i wish the players could make the choices more than like 2-3 in one hour , ofc its a novel but you can get bored ez if ur not into mostly reading and want to interact ,, either way its pretty good i would say just more choices we can make on ur own would ,not hurt.

ok thx  now i can play :D "ehem"

that would be amazing if you would add some audio cuz rn its kinda not boring but uhhhh way too silent

i have the same problem as you ,, kinda sad cuz dis game looks interesting (no homUwU)

Is the full game gonna be free? 

will the full version be free ? :l

sex scene with the bugs?,scene w slime and kobold,?also some lesbian(girl x girl) scenes ?,and some currentcy so the player can buy something idk what tho.(its up to u am just giving random ideas in my head) O-O, okay my mind is rlly messed up. anyway good job.

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the game crashed once.. ,,,, also this is rlly good game looking forward to it , keep up the good work . 

cool little puzzle game, thumps up :)