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Wait i just downloaded the newest version of the game and it works with my old game save from v0.10.003. Should i delete the old version of the game (v0.10.003) and start a new save  in v0.10.004? Because i feel like if i continue an old save in the new version of the game its gonna glitch out at some point.

Alright i started to play the game and finished the the first two maps and i must say its pretty damn good so far. i'll keep an eye on this game because it looks like its gettin good.

and if i do run it then how do i? because i think it might want to keep blocking it regardless if i want to run it or not.

When i go to run the game it says "windows protected your pc" and that windows defender smartscreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Is it okay that it says this and i should run it anyways?