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I just played though it! You did an amazing job DCS, I love it so much! The writing, the art, the music was perfect. <3 Also, your inclusion of a  *SPOILER* poly romance *END SPOILER*  is fantastic! It made me so happy! Thank you for all the fun that I had! <3

P.S. Burdoc is bae

I'm being a little harsh, it is really good still! I really liked Alex, his design was my favorite of all! Also, it's not completely hyper-bara per say, just some of the characters have pretty exaggerated muscles. But all in all. I do love your writing <3

Alright, so I played the game, and despite your art style not exactly being my cup of tea (I'm not really for hyper-bara, but you actually did pretty good on this and the art rubbed off on me. The only one that was a bit much for me was Janus) it was actually pretty good. The story actually got me hooked, and I can't wait for updates~ oh! and the few CGs seem a bit off from the character sprites, and I really like the charecter sprites!