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[spoilers] another problem I'm having now: sometimes I get to a situation where I can't proceed anywhere in the game. For example, on my latest run through, both tombs were empty, and scouring everywhere I couldn't find a lead on my next location to visit after clearing the harbor, graveyard (ghouls included) and forgotten tomb. I found the summoning spell which referenced the standing stones, but no map to reach them. Please let me know what's going on because I'd really like to keep playing!


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Hey just want to let you know of a bug, if you haven't seen it yet. Opening the journal in the cemetery seems to cause it, but I'm not certain.

controllers/journal.lua:74: attempt to index global 'ploxel' (a nil value)


controllers/journal.lua:74: in function 'draw'

main.lua:59: in function 'draw'

[C]: in function 'xpcall'"

I've had a ton of fun already with this game though, I'm a big cosmic horror fan and I'm really into your idea here!