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dragan kill

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love the game has a lot of charm to it. i cant wait to play the full game when it comes out!!

very fun game enjoyed it a lot and cant wait to get to play more. i did container some problems though, no matter what i used controller or mouse and keyboard there was a bad drift that i never had on any other games it was not bad just made shooting a lot harder. that is  the only bug i found. the other problem more of my opinion of the character clumsiness and how i think its is cute it kinda interferes with the combat because when she falls it takes a good amount of time to get back up and the monsters can still hit you while your down. i am not saying you should take it out just maybe only making her clumsy when she is out of combat. the other problem i had it with the boss, when he dose the spine move it pretty difficult to doge and it felt like i could only doge it at some times even when i figured out the pattern. this may be just because  i am bad at the game lol and nothing at all. other then these few things i loved the game it was amazing and cant wait to play more!!!

really cool game liked it a lot and it was pretty creepy. cant wait for more games from you!!

awesome game like it very much and can not wait to play more! love the art and story in this game it looks great and also the combat is pretty solid and fun. cant wait to get to play more!!

no problem and your welcome!!

really cool game liked it a lot and cant wait to see more of it when if you go further with it!!

your welcome and cant wait to play them!

your welcome and yes it is lol.

love the game very fun. like the idea never though you could make captain crunch as scary as you did!! keep up the awesome work!

loved the game and the graphics very cool and brought me back to the good old days of gaming. hope to see more games like this from you!!

your welcome!!

awesome game liked it a lot. like the graphics and how you went with old pixel style made this game a lot scarier then it already is.  cant wait to get to play more!!

your welcome!!

love the game wish it was longer! had some great scares and cool atmosphere. cant wait for more games from you!

your welcome!!

really cool game liked it a lot and wish there was more to it. also like the puzzles and the two visions you can have that was a really cool thing you could do. cant wait for more!!

love the game and cant wait to get to play more very fun! like the cartoon art style and the puzzles really cool keep up the awesome work!!

really cool game like it a lot was not expect it to have jump scares and a dark end twist.

love the demo and like the story sound really coo. i like how you put little sounds that make the game more immersive and build up the scares. cant wait to see more of this game!!

very cool game liked it lot and was a lot of fun really like the idea all these characters are crazy lol cant wait for more games from you.

loved the game very fun and it looked and played very well like something you would pay full game price for. this game is very good and has a good start. i hope i get to see more and cant wait for full game! love the charterers and how they interact with each other it would be really cool if you could give them voices. also really liked the puzzle section and how you had to play them cant wait to see what else you do with that its really cool!! i like how you get to use your crow to fight hope to see more of this and see what other abilities you can get!

very cool game love the graphics and the style of them. also like the monster and how you put mystery of what he looks like before you run into him and his is killing you lol cant wait to see more games.  

your welcome and ya i will check them out!!

awesome game like it a lot and hope to see more and more games from you in the future!!


pretty cool game and looks really good graphic wise. like how the story ends really cool and cant wait for more games from you!!

love the game very scary and like the mechanics cant wait to see full version!!

your welcome and ya good to see yours as well!!

love the game very cool and funny. love the mechanics makes the game feel like your a real detective cant wait for more games from you!!!

really cool game and with some creepy models. don't really understand it much but liked it a lot cant wait for more to come form you!!

really cool game like the idea of ducks being the main threat. wish is was longer but had a blast playing it and some good laughs. cant wait for more games from you!!


your welcome!!

your welcome!!

very cool and spooky game . love the puzzles and scares there really good. i also like the power you have it s very unique and different . cant wait to see more of this game!!


pretty cool game liked that idea with the camera and also like how the flash was your source of lite. would of liked to see more jumps cars and spooky stuff but pretty cool for a prototype cant wait to see more!

really fun game like it a lot and can't wait to play more!

really cool game like how it was simple but pretty creepy cant it wait for more games from you!!

your welcome!!

really cool game like the story and the plot twist at the end cant wait for more games from you!!