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dragan kill

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Very good demake had a lot of fun with it and hope to see more!

Awesome remake, enjoyed it a lot! Can't wait to see more from it and get to play more!

Awesome take on mega man, had a lot of fun with it. Hope to see more levels!

Very cool game and love the idea! Hope to see more that can expand on this awesome idea!

Really cool game liked it a lot and had a lot of fun with it. Hope to see more levels in the future!

Thank you! It was very fun!

Great demake enjoyed it very much! This game really captured what it would feel like if released on older hardware, and I loved it!

Pretty cool remake, like how kept the original feel, enjoyed it a lot.

Very good game, loved what you did and cant wait to see more! 

You're welcome!

Really cool, demake liked it a lo. like the style reminds me of a flash game. Very fun and can't wait to see more.

Amazing remake, really enjoyed it! Brought back a lot of fun memories and can not wait to see more! 

Great remake, really liked it! Took a little bit to get used to the shooting, but very fun and can't wait to see more!

Very cool, demake liked it a lot and had a lot of fun with it. The only problem I had is the game skipped me through the first level and just popped me at the end. Other than that, loved the game!

Very good demake really like what you did and wish there was more to it.  

Awesome remake, liked it lot! I was able to beat it, but I think it was way too hard for normal difficulty, and LeBron was able to get me through the wall sometimes. Other than that, great game and I had a lot of fun with it.

Very good game and much improvement from the first. Like it lot and had a lot of fun with 1 and 2.

Very good game and really fun.  They only thing is that the ghost are kind of buggy but other than that great game! 

You're Welcome and thanks!

really cool game and really funny liked it alot! 

Amazing remake, liked it a lot! Was not able to get all endings, but very good and really cool that you were able to do this!

You're Welcome!

Amazing game like it a lot and loved the jump scared, might have pooped my pants a couple of times lol

This game was amazing, loved it and had a lot of fun with it. You are an awesome game developer and very good at what you!

Very good game, really creepy and loved the jump scare it really got me. 

Very good game really like it a lot and super creepy and weird.

Very good game, really liked the story and was not expecting the end.

Very good game liked it a lot, like the song as well.

Pretty cool game, very weird and spooky.

Pretty cool game, liked it and like the scares.

You're welcome! And thank you!

Awesome game, liked it lot! Loved the voice acting, very good!

really good game liked it a lot and very scary!

Awesome game and super scary liked it a lot. Wish it was longer, but had a blast playing it!

Awesome game very weird and spooky like it a lot!

Great game, like it a lot and really like the spider. The only thing I would fix is the font color because the white is really hard to read and blends in with the door. Other than that great game and voice acting.

Very good game, liked it a lot. Loved the story and the puzzle, very fun.

Very good game liked it a lot and very scary also liked the mirror puzzle very cool.

Amazing game, terrifying and very good jump scares, like it a lot!

Pretty cool game liked it a lot and had a lot of fun with it!