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Erick Subero

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I'm sorry you had to see that. It was the first thing I programmed from the game and I didn't try it as well as I should have. Unfortunately, the moment I put it all together I noticed that it was breaking all over and it didn't give me time to fix it. I hope to upload a patch to repair the gameplay in the next few days. My sincerest apologies.

That's why I published the prototype before I was totally happy with it. I plan to do a Twin-Stick Shooter mixed with a Space Demolition Derby. There are things on paper like different weapons, collisions and power-ups but I want to concentrate on making the base (moves and shots) more solid before I get into what I'd like the game to have. Suggestions, criticism and reprimands (?) are welcome.

Està finìsimo. Es divertido y pelùo. El arte està muy bonito.

La mùsica està brutal y la dificultad es demasiado atorrante.

F**king amazing!!!