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also i died on the last level and replayed it

I managed to get to 6200 km/h using glitch.
you basically jump into the very corner of a wall and you can stick there and when you move downwards you go slowly but build up tons of speed and ohmygosh what if you did this in time city youd be unstoppable

also lots of menu softlock bugs still and i hope more is done with this game i like it a lot

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you should advertise this on youtube. like, i think that might be illegal, but you should do it anyway. do it. people need play good gam... i mightaswell make some criticisms. Ok. first,
1. the timer sometimes breaks with tails, meaning you can get PBs of 0:00:00
2. If a new host is picked, they usually wont know they're a host, and won't know to pick a level, leaving the lobby in limbo
3. You can't select players in spectate mode
4. press TAB in spectate and it darkens the screen permanently
5. Level editor. super easy to make and totally isnt time consuming and difficult... yes i know these things i am a professional
6. you can press TAB to completely stop in your tracks. It's more of a neat trick than a bug as far as im concerned
7. Your room name is the same as your character name and that's weird

Thank you for reading. The game is really fun

oh yeah also chat

I also learned that you CAN go under doors when the hag is passing through them. so you can in theory, beat the whole game with an angry hag... she doesnt go under doors when she's big mode though..

thank you :D

I did a bunch of stuff in the game and i have bugs to report!

1. if you go on the stairs in the main hall the hag wont chase you if she's too far. she just goes off in a different direction for some reason. Even when she's in mega mad mode
2. If you activate the music box while the hag is chasing you she won't leave the attic and you'll be stuck there to die

3. If you grab the axe without going to the end of the basement, you'll be teleported to wherever the witch is and the cutscene will play there.

4.when you drop the livingroom book in the attic, it disappears, but when you use it, it doesnt. this is how i got the axe early. you can also use the rat to kind of... proxy grab it from the floor?

5. you cant save child.

6. you should be able to axe the witch when she's going under doors... I wanna do that... i didn't test whether she can catch you when she's going under doors though

7. Also if you drop the lighter while crouching the light stays around you until you stop crouching or let go of C.

8. Thank you for reading... thats not a bug.... Thank you though

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im just gonna post my armorgames comment here:

i found "moose air freshener" "cake gluttony" and "clown cabinet" any more secrets would be pretty neat

secrets may be found with the wall markings for 5:40, the legsock, the moving night sky... the notes in the first room. the cat dome that says 67, the number spiders, the dragon ball, and the snail houses?

i searched hard though and couldnt find jack. the only thing that does anything after putting all the teeth in is the legsock, which is probably connected to the snails but i couldnt find anything there either....

also this was a pretty dang cool game.