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i didn´t get such an e-mail.

If i click the download button directly above the devlog sectio, i only get access to two files about bump enemies.

where are the download links for the other files?

In episode 1 and 2 there are a lot of objects with eyes, which "dance" by wiggling to the left and right.

If the game reaches a moment, where the player has to click one of them, their animation freezes.

is this wanted?

If yer, it will look more professional, if they always freeze in their neutral pose, where they are not stretched or bent at all.

Where did you get the programm-code from the game?

It´s already a cool tool.

But i wish some things to be added:

-trees, palmtrees, bamboo

-all kinds of flowers

-pumpkin-plants (all four colors)

-the airport

-the sea-bridge

-a custom-design-tool inside the path-tool, that opens a file-chooser-window to load 32x32 pixel png graphics from pc for placing as path on the ground

-a file-chooser-window to choose a custom location on the pc to save or load map-files

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You also can save multiple island-designs on your pc or have an extta savety-location for your save:

After saving you will find the path:


Grab a copy of "islandmanager.island" inside there and paste it into a location of your choice.

For multiple saves just have multiple folders there to put one save in each.

To load one of theese into the app, be sure, you made the previous steps with your previuos work, than copy the save of your choice and paste it into the path, written above, overwriting the file there.