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dr. joestar

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just played through it again and got the other ending, i'm kinda slow lol

this was adorable, hit me in the feels! great job!

i liked this. a lot.

that was great, i got the blue ending. though i don't know if it matters. i'll have to play it through again.

i found it adorable. dunno why. but it was really good!

that was actually amazing. kinda reminds me of the wattson-scott test with the whole online survey theme. the questions that the stalker throws out there (does everyone deserve a second chance, why can't i come home, etc.) makes me want to piece together a backstory even though i don't think that's what you intended ^^"


this was a great game! i really enjoyed it, and i'm looking forward to playing other things that you produce.

a H

i feel like there's a way to uh.. not lose?

this was dope, i really enjoyed the experience!

this is why you have guns.

good game, i loved it!

this was lowkey amazing. 10/10 would totally recommend.

i died super frickin fast because i'm a sucky gamer uwu

but like it's pretty good! keep up the good work!

yo this is pretty fun ngl

10/10 keep it up!