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Should be arrow keys if you're using a keyboard or swipe if you're on a touch screen device. Sometimes refreshing the page or clicking on the game first can help.

Yeah, it was fully intentional but it's where it ended up.

Sorry for the slow response. Sure you can show it at your event. 

Thanks for the info. I'll look into it

The Castle needs a path to a house via grass in order to score, so in this instance not a bug. Thanks for playing.

Thanks. Hope you're doing well, it's been a while.

Could be a bug. Each house has its own unique nearby list. So different houses could score the same tree or different trees but only once each. 

No diagonals, but the scoring is at the end so you can make the path longer through play.

For the castle to score you need to have a clear path of grass between it and a house tile. 
There's a little turn counter in the bottom corner but it could be clearer.

It was definitely influenced by roll-and-writes and flip-and-writes in general but I hadn't seen Cartographers when I first released it, I think Cartographers may have come out the same year.  I recently got a copy to compare, but haven't got round to playing it yet. Glad you enjoyed it.

Sorry it's not playing properly for you, that's frustrating. 

Are you trying to play in the itch App or simply through your web browser? If you are playing through the App, try your usual browser.

Great! Glad I was able to help.

 It should be playable just in browser, no need to download or use the app. Hope that works for you.

That's frustrating. I'm not sure what could be causing it.  Which browser are you using? Have you tried using different browsers?

Thanks for letting me know. I just tried it, didn't work the first few times, but then eventually did. Let me know if it's working for you.

Well... that's unexpected. Will see what I can do.

(1 edit)

I think for 2 you may be looking at the wrong picture, it's the picture on A5 which has five letters? However with regards to 3 it looks like I've got a correction to make. Sorry for the confusion and thanks for the feedback.

Letter 2: The B player has a picture, which refers to a picture which A has seen previously.  Letter 3: what do the answers for 30 and 11 have in common.

Did you manage to get any of the letters for the answer?

It's an error in the document, I've made a change. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Sorry, if it caused an issue.

Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it. It's even tougher when English isn't your first language.

If I can find a publisher to work with and a suitable deal, I'd like that.

That's really nice to hear, glad you're enjoying it.

I'm slowly reworking the game to upgrade it a bit, not sure how long it's going to take but I'm hoping to get it out there in different formats.

It's been something I've been thinking about, but haven't managed to quite work out how I want to do it. I'll post on this page when something does eventually happen. Thanks for your interest it inspires me to give it more time.

Glad you enjoyed it. My favourite moment was when your disappointed reaction matched the character's reaction.

That's a nice idea. I'll give that some thought, thanks

There's 5 church cards in the deck, 54 cards in the deck. As two of the cards start face down, it's possible you'll see 3, 4 or 5 of them during play. I haven't worked out the odds for each of these events occurring.

In this instance you could still draw an islands inside an island to make a lake, something that's not explained in the rules. It is however possible to make it hang in a manner similar to this.

Thanks for your feedback, I'll give it some thought.

A great suggestion for the future, will keep it in mind.

It will match their computers clock, so as long as you play on the same 'date' in your respective timezone you should be able to compare your scores.


Thanks, will take a look.

Thanks for the recommendation, I've seen some things from David Kanaga but a more detailed look is required.

That's an interesting way to play the game, glad you found a way to enjoy it on your own terms.

Thanks, interesting to hear your thoughts. Will have a look at the background colour see if there's a better one. 

I think there's sometimes issues with the webgl implementation, where it stops reading key presses (not sure what causes it). If it is this problem that's occurring for you, I've found reloading the page, only clicking on 'play' then not pressing anything else until the game is fully loaded might help. 

The scores that I usually see are between 40 and 60, however some to go up to 80ish. You can look at other scores here: