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That's a nice idea. I'll give that some thought, thanks

There's 5 church cards in the deck, 54 cards in the deck. As two of the cards start face down, it's possible you'll see 3, 4 or 5 of them during play. I haven't worked out the odds for each of these events occurring.

In this instance you could still draw an islands inside an island to make a lake, something that's not explained in the rules. It is however possible to make it hang in a manner similar to this.

Thanks for your feedback, I'll give it some thought.

A great suggestion for the future, will keep it in mind.

It will match their computers clock, so as long as you play on the same 'date' in your respective timezone you should be able to compare your scores.


Thanks, will take a look.

Thanks for the recommendation, I've seen some things from David Kanaga but a more detailed look is required.

That's an interesting way to play the game, glad you found a way to enjoy it on your own terms.

Thanks, interesting to hear your thoughts. Will have a look at the background colour see if there's a better one. 

I think there's sometimes issues with the webgl implementation, where it stops reading key presses (not sure what causes it). If it is this problem that's occurring for you, I've found reloading the page, only clicking on 'play' then not pressing anything else until the game is fully loaded might help. 

The scores that I usually see are between 40 and 60, however some to go up to 80ish. You can look at other scores here:

Glad you get to enjoy it now. Out of curiosity what controls do you use? 

I've added more descriptions to the page.

I originally had a v shape, but it's visually difficult to track which hexagons are on which line when that line is a 'v', so I changed to the diagonal. 

Thanks - will look at adding some options in  the future

Thanks for playing and sharing your video.

Thanks, I've worked out what has caused the bug, and I'm going to upload a new version in a little bit. Glad you enjoyed it.

Glad you're enjoying it

Thanks, this is really helpful feedback.

Thanks, I've added an option to reduce the speed.

Thanks, I've updated the camera.

Thanks for the feedback, I updated the camera.

Glad to hear it, thanks!

Thanks for the feedback, I like the suggestion for the Churches, will try it out.

You're quite right. Good work. 

For each of the 81 cells of the grid the possibility of it being used for a specific card is not identical but it is reasonably close. 

Each card has a position on the back side of it. It is not possible for the back and front of a specific card to appear at the same time in the game, just like a real card. 

If you only look at the back of the 54 cards each cell in the grid has 9 total chances to be used (three for each the row, column and section. 3 x 3 = 9). So any single specific card takes nine of those cells and reduces the opportunities of them being used to 8 (as those options are on the back of that card). So the opportunities of a cell being used for a specific card is 8/54 for 9 of the cells and 9/54 for the other 72 cells.

This is all further complicated by multiple cards having the same card type on their front, which tweaks the odds again.

The reason there is only a single deck of cards with fronts and backs, is that it would reduce the manufacturing cost in a physical game, which is what I was modelling. Two decks would allow the cells possibility of being used for a specific card equal.

At least I think that's right.

Thanks for the feedback, really appreciate it.


I like this.

Will have a look, I feel there may be some knock on issues with usability within the game. The interface is designed with mouse in mind rather than touch screen.  Thanks for the info. 

Thanks for the feedback. I modelled the game with the intention that it could be replicated as a physical tabletop game. The tiles are shuffled and dealt just as you would a deck of cards. Sometimes the shuffle will end up like this, with two identical tile options. I haven't personally found it an issue, but will keep it in consideration for future developments. Thanks again. 

Cards work as they would in a physical version, with fixed fronts (type) and backs  (position) this remains the same for every game. The deck is shuffled each time.

There are:

13 Trees, 10 Houses, 9  Beeches, 9  Waves, 5  Mountains, 5  Churches, 3  Boats

There are an even number of each of the position backs.

Now that's an idea!

It was designed with this in mind, I'm still considering whether to do a print & play or try for a proper release.

Well spotted - I'll work on something for the next update.

Yeah, each day is a specific shuffle so you can compare scores with others and then try a new shuffle of the cards tomorrow.

well spotted. I'll sort that in the next update. 

I don't think it'll run on iPad in it's current form, due to the way it was created and how it is hosted. Thanks for taking a look though.