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No problem :)

You have two options.

1. You can go to the itch page and download the game again. It will give you the latest version

2. (Only on Desktop) Download the launcher and it will auto-update the game for you when updates are released

Thank you I'm glad you're enjoying it ♥

Use Google Chrome

Yes, the free version doesn't have any paid assets in the game files so if you were trying to look at those pictures in the free version then it wouldn't work.

When it is fully complete, yes.

Cheers mate!

Not at this particular moment, but it should be once we are fully released.

Hmmm, that's a little strange 🤔

Are you using Chrome?

Paid has more quests + end game content. Free version is just the main story quest

Cheers brother man

Nope! Still working on it.

There's an import button in the mods menu (left in the main menu), you just navigate to your .pck file and open them in there.

Gotta be fast

The whole main story quest

Glad you enjoy the game! Her name is pronounced "Ex-E-uh"

Yes, you will.


Main story quest complete. We consider ourselves to be complete once the game has more side quests in it. Expecting to be in Early Access for a few more months.

What's up!

I do not, sorry!

Working on a fix!

working on a fix, thank you!

Cheers mate

It should work if you use the Chrome browser.

It should work if you use the Chrome browser.


Yes, soon.

Oh that's weird, I'll fix that.

Will do!


There's a quest log button in the top right.

Nope! What does the quest log say?

Yes, there is plans. If we add more boss battles, we can raise the level required to satisfy all the clients. At this current point in time, it looks like every girl is overpowered by level 25 and the game becomes very easy. We just need to add more content.

One time purchase.

Heya, no, I don't like the idea of an endless mode. The guys gotta stop cumming eventually!! Lol!! 

Heya! Thanks for the feedback

Hahah she will not sorry, she's got robo legs!!!

Hahaha right right, the original game idea was a game where people came to her to fuck. An underground brothel type scenario. A management based game. We decided to throw that away and go with an action game instead.